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The Fantastic World of Fantástico Morales

The incredible and metaphysical adventures of Fantástico Morales, a man with a strange nasal fluid powers. Animated in Psycolor.

A short film directed and animated by Jossie Malis at Zumbakamera based on an idea by Jossie Malis and Ricardo Espinosa. Opening theme: Electric to me Turn by Bruce Haack. Sound Design: Julie Reier.

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Gojira – All the Tears

Are we left all alone?

If you can’t manage to see any conspiracy, it is because that is bigger than you think. Bigger than we possibly might think, perhaps.
Gojira (formerly Godzilla) is a heavy metal band formed in 1996 in Bayonne, France. Members are: Joe Duplantier, Mario Duplantier, Christian Andreu, Jean-Michel Labadie. (Source: Wikipedia)
All the [...]

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JOSSIE MALIS – Bendito Machine ep. 3

Obey his commands

“They were gods of the highest standing and dignity — gods of the civilized people — worshipped and believed in by millions. All were theoretically omnipotent, omniscient and immortal. And all are dead.” (from: Memorial Service, by H.L. Mencken)
Radio, television, internet: the inhabitants of the universe created by Jossie Malis for his Bendito [...]

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JOSSIE MALIS – Bendito Machine 2

Con tutte quelletutte quelle bollicine…

Milking a dead cow has become a widespread sport nowadays. One wonders if all the “milk” is just a collective hallucination.
Created by Jossie Malis and produced at Zumbakamera, the short has been animated by Jossie Malis and Pau Martinez.
Music by Manel Gil. Sound by Jossie Malis.
The first episode of Bendito Machine [...]

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A tortous and circular food chain is shown in this early (2005) Flash movies by Jossie Malis at Zumbakamera.
Something to watch while waiting for new episodes in the Bendito Machine series.
Una catena alimentare tortuosa e circolare, in uno dei primi (2005) film in Flash di Jossie Malis presso Zumbakamera.
Qualcosa da guardare in attesa dei [...]

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JOSSIE MALIS – Bendito Machine

Welcome to the machine

It’s very likely you’ve seen this before, so… it was about time I posted it here, ain’t it?
Enjoy this faithfully grim portrait of humanity, completely made (sound and visuals) by Jossie Malis at Zumbakamera.
The concept has been further developed into a ten episode series. The first two episodes are available on Bendito [...]

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JOSSIE MALIS – Good Morning Isamu

Ohayo gozaimasu!

We’re not gonna evolve anymore. TVs will. Television will be the new dominant species. And we’ll be their slaves.
This might have, or not, something to do with this beautiful animation realized by Jossie Malis at Zumbakamera.
Non ci evolveremo più. La TV invece sì. I televisori saranno la nuova specie dominante, e noi i loro [...]

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It’s a hard life being an artist. Sometimes you need to employ all your fantasy in order to survive.
And sometimes you don’t have ultra rich budget to realize your stop animation piece. Still, you’re able to make something out of nothing. Something good. Like popcorn.
Sopa is a movie by Zumbakamera, directed and produced by [...]

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JOSSIE MALIS – Memento Mori I

Mo’ me lo segno…

Ever being stuck in an elevator? This what can (not) happen to you in that case. Really. Think about it.
Directed and animated by Jossie Malis, produced at Zumbakamera (that is essentially Jossie Malis), this bizarre stop animated short may result unimpressive at first, but I’m sure that (most of) you will appreciate [...]

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