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BEN HIBON – A.D. Trailer

The dead can rest while the living one will fight for survival, fight for the right to keep another breath. But what about the undead?

A.D. will hopefully be a feature film animated in computer graphics and directed by Ben Hibon. Soundtrack: Safe in Mind by the Unkle.

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DAVID KING – zzzZombies

Do you know when you feel tired on monday morning, your arms dangling, the head titled to one side, you walk by little steps without a clear idea of where you’re going. Like a zombie. Then imagine how it feels for a zombie!

A nice animation created with an overhead projector by David King. The music is a version of Varshaver Freylekhs performed by The Klatsh.

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ROBERT GLICKERT – Road to Moloch

While on a mission to locate three missing soldiers, a team of reconnaissance marines (Erik Fellows, Westley Thornton, Manny Montana, Naama Kates) encounter a blood-spattered Iraqi (Iyad Hajjaj) stumbling through the desert. After following the distraught man into the depths of an insurgent cave, the marines make a horrifying discovery bringing them face-to-face with an ancient evil.

The film has been directed by Robert Glickert. Director of photography: Jeff Dolen. Editor: Dylan Highsmith.

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TAKENA NAGAO – Chainsaw Maid

They’re coming!

I guess the image above suffices as a preview and that preparing more images would be a waste of time…
Chainsaw Maid is the story of a woman that would go any distance to give satisfaction to her employers. She won’t be stopped by a bunch of brain eating zombies.
The short film is a claymation [...]

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Cartoon Network: Halloween

Oh, here’s another Halloween video, made in house at Turner for Cartoon Network Spain.
UFOs, vampires, mad scientists and zombies fill the picture, so you’ll probably not miss the Wolfman…
Beautiful artworks by Bambino Monkey AKA Maroto, animated by Abel Sánchez and Sandra Barrado of Tricefalo.
Oh, here’s another Halloween video, made in house at Turner for [...]

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Left for Dead: Cinematic Intro

HD Video available in the underneath links (recommended).

Run or Shoot? Both!!!
A feast of zombie blood in this four minute intro for the new shooter game from Valve.
P.S. I played with the color levels the make the embedded clip look a little brighter. However, the original HD clip is untouched.
Correre o sparare? Tutt’e due!!!
Abbuffata di sangue [...]

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AnJ – Gorbachev

HD Video available in the underneath links.

Mikhail Gorbachov: the music video. Bigger and russianer! I was just wondering about something similar with Silvio Berlusconi…
The video “it’s half Russian History allegory as told through an old zombie movie made in the Soviet Union, and half animated Soviet Propaganda posters.”
AnJ (formerly: АнЖ) is a Russian trash metal [...]

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Euro 2008: The Unhuggables

Football on the Coke side of life™

Better watch soccer alone. There’s some weird people around…
The series of spot has been directed by Andrés Fogwill at Landia. Executive producer: Claudio Amoedo.
Post production: Che Revolution Post. Music: Daniel Fainzilver.
Creative agency: Santo. Creative directors: Maximiliano Anselmo, Sebastián Wilhelm, Pablo Minces. Producer: Abigail Harding.

Il calcio meglio non guardarlo in [...]

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Phantom Planet – Big Brat

You’re always up to no good.

A bunch of guys is shooting a low budget zombie movie. But it’s all fake for real, or it’s really real… for fake?
Phantom Planet is an alternative rock band from Southern California. Big Brat is featured on their third, eponymous album released on January 2004.
The music video has been directed [...]

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Zune Arts: Piece of Me, Piece of You

Zombie Dance Party!

And here’s another long running series which just got a new guest to the party. Prepare to dance with the undead puppets!
The short movie has been directed by Three Legged Legs and produced at Green Dot Films. Director of photography: Bengt Jonsson.
Creative agency: 72andSunny. Creative: Bryan Rowles. Copywriter: Charlie Stephenson.
Post production: Mary Ann [...]

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