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Choreography for Copy Machine (Photocopy Cha Cha)

Chel White’s photocopy Cha Cha was created using an actual photocopier, achieving its own visual aesthetic and mechanical rhythm. The film is considered a milestone in the experimental animation world and is shown in college animation courses all over the world.

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Double A: Robot

Commercial directed by Kanin Chandrasma. Special effects: Julien Vanhoenacker.

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V. VILLANUEVA – Heterosexuales y casados

Mi hermana y Charly se conocieron de pequeños.Nosotros vivíamos en el 1A y ellos en el Bajo B.

Homosexuality and heterosexuality are the past. The new thing is autosexuality: being a couple with yourself.
This is the net result of the story Maripaz (Carmen Ruiz) will tell us, the story of her sister Tere (Guadalupe Lancho) who [...]

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Sickboy – Silence in Conversation

with a shot in the armand a healthy dose of fear.

While some dudes are shooting video with lasers, this one was made mashing the face of the singer up against the glass of a photocopier machine.
Sickboy is a rock band from Dublin, Ireland, made up of twin brothers Colm Giles and Brian Giles, with Dan [...]

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