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Brink: Jah Lick Them With Thunder

The cinematic trailer for Brink is the work of Blur Studio. The game, developed by Splash Damage will be published by Bethesda.

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JOHN WHITNEY – Measured Sacrifice

A young woman named Terry lives in poverty in a future America embroiled in an unending “war on terror.” She faces an unplanned pregnancy, and must decide whether or not to enter a highly controversial government program that provides financial security for women in her situation. Entering the program will meet her financial needs but will put her at odds with everyone in her life including herself. Terry must face up to her haunted past and her uncertain future.

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Measured Sacrifice: VFX Reel

Visual Effects Demo from the Short film Measured Sacrifice. Visual Effects producer Phil Garrett. Effects Supervisor Frank Purtiman. Additional effects by John Whitney.

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BLU – Muto

Muto is an animated film by Blu produced at Mercurio Film. Assistant: Sibe. Music: Andrea Martignoni.

The title plays on the Italian word muto which means both mute and mutate (as in “I mutate”).

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Brat Bratu: Title Sequence

The main titles for Brat Bratu are about B&B, a fictional company using a secondhand circus van as transportation.
Brat Bratu (Brother to Brother) is a Slovenian sitcom based on the cult English serial Only Fools and Horses.
The opening sequence has been directed by Žiga Pokorn at NuFrame. Creative agency: Armada.
I titoli di testa per Brat [...]

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So What – Keep on Running


The pied piper of Hamelin has come to town. And this time he’ll take a lot of prisoners.
So What is a new band from Netherlands who recently collected $50,000 through SellaBand, making it possible to record their first professional CD, entitled Tiptoes.
The music video has been directed by Jelmar Hufen and produced by Maarten van [...]

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Delphic – This Momentary

Let’s do something real.


The video brings us to the Chernobyl area, shows us the place today, 23 years after the disaster, and the people who still lives there.
Directed by Dave Ma and produced by Neil Andrews at Pulse. Director of photography: Ross McLennan. Editor: Vid Price.
The director wanted to show “portraits of the abandoned town [...]

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ABOVE – The Naked Truth

Believe nothing!

“Don’t be shy, take a peek behind the curtain” and find out the truth yourself. You won’t believe what you see…
A street installment by Above to remind us that “the truth hurts, but is all there is”.
Soundtrack: The Truth by Handsome Boy Modeling School featuring Roisin Murphy and J-Live. (Source: Aston) The song [...]

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Alpella Ole: Ten Fingers Ten Chocolates

I want, I need, nothing less than you.

Things to do in Turkey eating chocolate.
The spot has been directed by Gaute Hesthagen and produced at Depo Film.
Director of photography: Anders Flatland. Post production made at Imaj, Instanbul.
Creative agency: McCann Erickson, Istanbul. Creative Director: Ugur Çakir, Oktar Akin. Art Director: Firat Yıldız (with Nilüfer Erden). Copywriter: Deniz [...]

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Peter Fox – Schwarz Zu Blau

Guten Morgen, Berlin.

Once again we’re reminded that life is stronger than anything else. Or just that graffiti is a beautiful crime. Or both. The choice is yours.
Peter Fox (born Pierre Baigorry; also known as Enuff and Pete Fox) is a German reggae and hip hop musician from Berlin, also member of the band Seeed.
Schwarz Zu [...]

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Viver Design em São Paulo: 26 Quarteirões

Third in a series of eight shorts made by eight Brazilian designers for the KM M MM event by Nöos.
26 Quarteirões (26 Blocks) was directed and produced by Lobo.
Photos: Daniel Assan Piwowarczyk. Animation: Kazuhiro Yamamoto. The song is Stress by Justice.
Terzo di una serie di otto film realizzati da otto designer brasiliani per l’evento [...]

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Wake Up

Wake up, it’s time to… I dunno, but it’s time.
An opener for Annecy 2004 made by Christelle Abgrall, Anaïs Chevillard, Virginie Hanrigou and Bernard Ling at the Gobelins school.
Sveglia, è tempo di… Non lo so, ma è tempo.
Trailer per Annecy 2004, opera di Christelle Abgrall, Anaïs Chevillard, Virginie Hanrigou e Bernard Ling presso la [...]

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Spore Evolution

A little, nice thing. Try not to compare it with Blu’s work. It’s on a completely different scale.
It’s a Belgian viral video for Maxis‘ video game Spore.
Piccolo e carino. Provate a non paragonarlo all’opera di Blu. Sono su due scale totalmente diverse.
Un video virale belga per il videogioco della Maxis, Spore.

DOWNLOAD (640×480): Scarica Spore [...]

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3FM: Graffiti


Dutch radio 3FM adds more than a touch of colour to the world. A lot more.
Creative directors and designers: Nando Costa and Linn Olofsdotter. Live action director by Nando Costa and shoot with a still Nikon camera in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Now, he has his own design studio, Nervo.
Animation Studio: Nakd. Animators: Renato Ferro, [...]

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True Color

Be white.

In a world of robots, the life is just black and white, in an endless cycle of alternation. Until somebody destabilise the estabilished order, and the party begins…
True Color is the work of two students of the French school Supinfocom: Bertrand Rey and Pierre Ducos. Music by Cedric Benoit and DJ Matsa from Lab-Rok [...]

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