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To Fellow Dreamhosters

I just discovered that the Cache plugin for Wordpress stopped working after the site was moved to a new server. If you’re running WP with Super Cache, and your site was moved too (that’s a big if) there’s a fat chance that the same happened to you.

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Infinite Scrolling

Since my website load very slowly for some, I’ve reduced the number of posts on the home page from 30 to 12 and installed the Infinite Scrolling plugin: more posts are retrieved when your scrolling your way to the bottom of the page.

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Some Work in Progress

I’m performing a backup of the site database and will upgrade to the latest version of Wordpress.

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Mail and Comments

Hey! I just received my first post package sent to Nofatclips. Awesome! (In fact, the postman delivered it to my neighbor…)

In other news, I’ve added the canonical URL to single post pages, so that Google webmaster tools should stop bothering about duplicate pages. Some precious info found at Live Experience.

The Automaton has now the possibility to add specific support for a single website along with generic routines. I’ve used it for Spy Films.

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Blogspot legacy

Fixed some backward compatibility issues.

First: if you’re accessing from Blogspot, a box displays to tell the good news about Wordpress. Second: wrote a simple plugin that redirects alternate “cases” for tags to the main one.

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More Links

Short of the Week featured my review of Robin Risser’s Solitude and an interview with the author by Andrew Allen.
I’ve also modified my blog theme so that I can add every link I want to the “middle bar”. Tested it on my post for Solitude.

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Working Under the Hood

Made a lot of little changes. Small things, but they had to be done before I start posting. I’m trying to familiarize with the new platform.

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Farewell, my Porcupine

The old Blogspot site has been taken down. The old links will be redirected to the new addresses when possible.

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Where new things and old things come together and become one.

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The Immigrant Notes

Where the blogger gives proper respect

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Pardon Our Dust!!!

No Fat Clips!!! switched to Wordpress. There’s still a lot of work to do, but I had the urge to put the new incarnation of my website online as soon as possible.

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