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Sonic Unleashed: Night of the Werehog

HD Video available in the underneath links

In a haunted house, ghosts are scaring kids to death and taking photos of them to please their mistress. But when Sonic enters the door, thing ain’t gonna be that simple.
Night of the Werehog is a short film directed by Takashi Nakashima and produced by Takeshi Itou at Sega [...]

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The Boxing Lesson – Dark Side of the Moog

HD Video available in the underneath links. (Warmly recommended)

Three astronauts visit a savage planet where they face several ravenous creatures. But who’s the monster in the end?
The Boxing Lesson is psychedelic rock band from Austin, Texas, comprised of Jake Mitchell, Jaylinn Davidson and Jake Mitchell.
Dark Side of the Moog is a single off their full [...]

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Nutmeg – Oh Oh Ooh

HD Video available in the underneath links

Using 3D animation, illustration and stop motion, the video portraits a wild werewolf while hunting, an amphibious minivan and the edge of the world.
Nutmeg is an indie rock band from the northern parts of Sweden and Finland.
The music video, a perfect match for the song, has been directed by [...]

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M.U.T.H.A. Truckas

Poop Monster Sighted at City Limits…

Vampyron, the Green Goon, Wolfie P. and Demonatra the robot are on the road (again?) to fight villains such as Colonel Corndog with the help of Captain Crimpjuice.
The teaser for a show created by Matt Clark, Ben Joseph and David Arquette. Animated at Man Baby.
Vampyron, il Goon Verde, Wolfie P. [...]

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The Rickshaws – So Free

HD Video available in the underneath links.

And here’s another promo referencing classic horror movies. “Her beauty allure even to the man beasts from the dawn of time… Cinematic terror awaits all who subside to the hypnotic eye!”
The Rickshaws are a band from Auckland, New Zealand. Band members are: Kris Raven (drums), Rob Hartnell (guitar and [...]

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