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The Magnificent Town of Vilnius

The legend of Vilnius began in a dream. Unlike real life stories which usually end up in a nightmare.

The spot for the Culture Live initiative is the work of Andrius Kirvela and Gediminas Šiaulys AKA PetPunk.

3D Graphics: Mantas Skrupskelis. Props: Vilmantė Kirvelaitė. Live Action Camera: Mantas Šatkus. Sound design: Jonas Jurkunas.

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Christopher Smith – Gently Gently

The trouble with bubbles is when you’re stuck inside with the wolves…

Christopher Smith is a Canadian singer and songwriter from Vancouver. Gently Gently is a song on his debut album, entitled The Beckon Call and released for Boompa Records on May 2010.

The music video has been directed by Salazar. Director of Photography: Todd Duym. Art Department: Hitoshi Okamoto and Robin Hunt.

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Moray McLaren – We Got Time

Moray McLaren is a Scottish singer-songwriter, now living in London. We Got Time is his first single.

All the animations were created, drawn and coloured by the director David Wilson. Production company: Blink.

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Oceanship – Hot Black

Oceanship is Brad Lyons from Ontario, Canada. Hotblack is a track from the eponymous debut album, released in 2009.

The music video has been written and animated by Ofir Sasson.

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One at a Time

One at a Time is a short animated movie produced at the CSC, written and directed by Gabriele Barrocu, Alessia Cordini, Valeria Ghignone and Valentina Ventimiglia.

Compositing and Color Correction: Andrea Maguolo. Production Manager: Gabriele Barrocu. Original Music: Umberto Smerilli. Audio Editing: Francesco Tumminello and Nicola Sobieski.

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BBC: Winter Olympics 2010

Here begins “the story of Akiak and his quest to find the missing head of Ilanaaq, a stack of rock in human form, which sits on the mountain above Whistler, where the skiiing and sliding events [of the Winter Olympics] will take place.”

A stunning animation made for the BBC coverage of the Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010, following the “summer” animation Monkey.

The Inuit animation has been produced at Studio AKA and directed by Marc Craste. Designer: Jon Klassen.

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TAKEUCHI TAIJIN – Stop Motion with Wolf and Pig

Fight for the things you love. Run after them, do all you can to get their very heart. And in the end you and them will be one and only thing.

This amazing stop animated short film is the work of Takeuchi Taijin: photos are shot, rearranged to compose the frame, and then photographed again.

I’m using the word photomation to point out those shorts that use this same technique, like PEN Story and Photo Finish.

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They Might Be Giants – Electric Car

Animals from the forest and the farm, they all come on board of the electric car which, magically, become a station wagon to accommodate them all.

Electric Car is a song featured on TMBG’s latest album, Here Comes the Science, and sung by Robin Goldwasser and John Flansburg.

The video has been produced at Tiny Inventions and directed by Max Porter and Ru Kuwahata.

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Headless Heroes – Just Like Honey

I’ll be your plastic toy.

More nature in here…
The Silence of Love is a themed album of covers, conceived by Eddie Bezalel, helped and produced by Hugo Nicolson, who pulled together the songs and a bunch of musicians (Josh Klinghoffer, Woody Jackson, Joey Waronker, Leo Abrahams, Gus Seyffert) to play on it, all topped off with [...]

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The Adventures of Loki – My Black Dog

Did you know that? The Big Bad Wolf is in fact Little Red Riding Hood’s shadow.
The Adventures of Loki is Brigit Colton (Bass), Rachel Parsons (Drums) and vocalist Steve Wade.
The music video has been directed by Adam York Gregory at The Flowfield Unity.
Lo sapevate? Il lupo cattivo, in effetti, era l’ombra di Cappuccetto Rosso. Sappiatelo.
Gli [...]

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The Lovely Sparrows – Year Of The Dog

Was i the dog you wish you’d always had?

Here goes like: “Time goes by in the year of the dog. Seasons and hearts may change.”
The Lovely Sparrows is the indie band formed in 2005 by singer and songwriter Shawn Jones.
Year of the Dog is featured on their first album, entitled Bury the Cynics and released [...]

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Diesel Kid: Seasonal

An oniric research of a treasure across imaginary landscapes is the concept of this videoclip, once again the work of Abstract Groove for a Diesel Kid campaign.
Un’onirica ricerca di tesori su paesaggi immaginari è il tema presente in questa videoclip, ancora una volta opera di Abstract Groove per una campagna Diesel Kid.


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The Sound of Color: Black-White


The Sound of Color is a project by creative agency Rehab. To promote Gap’s colorful spring and summer collections they commissioned five bands to write five songs based on five different colors. Five directors then shot music videos of each song/color.
The Black-White song has been written and performed by The Raveonettes, that is Sune Rose [...]

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All she knew was that this was a different world…

One out of three short movies produced at Radium to promote Toby Barlow’s novel Sharp Teeth.
This one, based on an excerpt for chapter 7, has been directed by Limbert Fabian and produced by Matt Thunell. Audio: Frank Salazar.
Animated and created by: James Tobias, Nader Husseini, Mark [...]

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