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Oceanship – Hot Black

Oceanship is Brad Lyons from Ontario, Canada. Hotblack is a track from the eponymous debut album, released in 2009.

The music video has been written and animated by Ofir Sasson.

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Switch, is a methaphysical thought about time. It’s the destiny of humanity through a character and its different choices, materialized by doubles of himself.

A short animated film by Jean-Julien Pous and Pierre Prinzbach, their graduation film at Supinfocom.

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Gainomax: Scary

Don’t eat bananas, or else…

In order to sell you some beverage to use after working out, this spot references Ring and The Shining.
Directed by Oskar Bård at HobbyFilm. Director of photography: Erik Sohlström.
Creative agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Stockholm. Creative directors: Adam Kerj, Fredrik Preisler. Art director: Gustav Egerstedt. Copywriters: Amalia Pitsiava, Adam Reuterskiöld. (Source: Ads [...]

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Amaze me: Sonny

Fitter, happier, more productive.

Your cassette walkman survived. And now is back. And he’ll take no prisoners. Or will he?
Sonny is Lovely Productions‘ entry for Sony PSP Amaze Me competition 2005, where they were among the winners.
Lovely Productions is Lorcan Finnegan, Steve Courtney and Brunella Cocchiglia.
The original performance, without the white background, can be found in [...]

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See what I’m trying to say is:You make things… betterAnd no matter what the day is,With you here… it’s better..

Oh, love is so sweet… Yeah, I know, don’t be too hard on me now, ‘mkay? Someboday just said that this site is just like ebaum’s. My poor little heart is broken and I need something [...]

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Warning: Not safe for work!

A foreword: there are several version of this film. You’ve probably seen the music video for Low in the Sky’s Are you for Real that has additional visual effects and a different edit. There’s also another short movie version, called Blue: Redux, that has even more visual (and auditive) effects. But [...]

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“Ego Sum is thrown out of nowhere in a world where he follows his path without any awareness, because it seems to be the only possible choice he got.”
The animation looks like comics in motion, with a neat and smooth style, though a lot of elements make use of 3D graphics.
Ego Sum, Alpha et [...]

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