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SIFF 2010: Inside Out

Movie references galore! See if you can spot them all… Trailer for the SIFF 2010 created by Dan Brown and Thai Tran and produced by Nathan F. Barr at Oh, Hello.

Additional credits: Yassir Rasan, Lee Grambush, Leslie Ann Kam Kam. Sound Design: John Buroker at Clatter & Din. Creative agency: Wongdoody. Creatives: George Mollas, Tony Zimney, Mark Watson.

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Inside Out: The Making of

The making of Inside Out, the trailer for the Seattle International Film Festival 2010 from Oh Hello.

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Something Left, Something Taken

Hey there! Pardon the little break. I thought I could start the week with this “animated dark comedy about a vacationing couple’s encounter with a man they believe to be the Zodiac Killer.” I guess that happens at least once to everyone of us.

Something Left, Something Taken is an awesome and crafty animated short film created by Max Porter and Ru Kuwahata AKA Tiny Inventions. Be warned: every time you’ll blink your eyes, you lose something cool.

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Dan Mangan – Road Regrets

Daniel Mangan is a Canadian indie folk-rock singer-songwriter based out of Vancouver. The music video has been directed by Jon Busby; produced by Jesse Davidge and Marc Demers at Blatant Studios.

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Charter Communications: Love

The spot has been designed and directed by Matt Smithson AKA Man vs Magnet; and it was produced by Meg Donohoe at Curious Pictures. Flash animations byArthur Metcalf. Compositing and animation by Jess Mireau, David Soto and Dale Clowdis.

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LOIS VAN BAARLE – Trichrome Blue

Trichrome sells colors in the form of “spiritual emotion”. So, “dive into a deep ocean of blue and feel a sense of calm that no other product could give you”. Red and Yellow flavors coming soon.

Obviously, Trichrome is just the brain child of Lois van Baarle; at least for the moment. And Trichrome Blue is her beautiful graduation film Utrecht School of the Arts.

Special FX and 3D animation by: Arjen Klaverstijn. Music and sound effects: Marcel Janssen.

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Trichrome Blue: The Making of

The short clip shows the progress, from concept to final version, for two scenes of Lois van Baarle’s Trichrome Blue. Music by Marcel Janssen.

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THILO EWERS – They Will Come to Town

Something is coming…


If you’re not coming under water with me, the water will come to you to getcha. There is no escape, except maybe to “stop global warming before it stops us”…
They Will Come to Town is a beautiful short film SLASH public service announcement, directed by Thilo Ewers.
Produced by Franziska Specht at the Institute [...]

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Coca Cola: Hidden Formula

Incompertus AequoraAmplus somes a unda

Complete Credits

Hey! Hey! Today I bring you a long lasting secret: where to find the hidden formula of the Coca Cola.
It’s written on a tiny grain of rice, hidden “inside a shell guarded by two hermit crabs which are inside a grandmother’s purse kept in an old Incan chest which is [...]

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The Pandas – Belly of the Whale

Il triangolo no, non l’avevo considerato…


And here’s the reason for “every endangered panda that wouldn’t screw to save its species and every whale or dolphin that gave up and ran itself aground”.
Not really. I’m just reading Pigmy right now and felt like quoting Palahniuk.
The Pandas are an instrumental band out of Worcester, Massachusetts, and comprised [...]

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SYLVAIN MARC – La soupe à l`engrais

Vraiment très petite!

Eat and you’ll grow up…
La soupe à l’engrais (Fertilizer Soup) is a short student film made by Sylvain Marc in 2005 (while at Gobelins) in one month, for show on a children TV channel on the theme, “When I’ll grow up”.
Music: Marmouzet. Sound editor: Olivier Crouet. Voice: Simon Ballester. Sound design: David Goldenberg.
An [...]

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ERIN WALLACE – Rainbow Chasers

Should we do it?

A boy and his pet whale go on an adventure, chasing the rainbow for a very good cause.
A paper cutout animation by Erin Wallace.
The song is Eeel San Mata Otoshimashito Yo by Nikaido Kazumi.
Un ragazzo, la sua balena ed un’avventurosa caccia all’arcobaleno per un nobile fine.
Animazione a ritagli di Erin Wallace.
Il brano [...]

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RBC: Mr. Long Legs

Create your vacation sooner.

A delightful animated spot for Royal Bank of Canada (check out This Much too) where, uhm… if lies have short legs, how do you call those which have huge ones?
The spot has been directed by FX and Mat (François Xavier Goby and Matthieu Landour), also co-directors of En tus brazos.
Produced by Mary [...]

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The Fable of Annabell Lee

Even in the moment of his death, his last thought was for Annabel Lee, the one whom he loved…

The short movie is based on story and illustrations by Evan B. Harris. Animation and visual effects by Fashion Buddha.

Loosely inspired by Edgar Allan Poe’s Annabel Lee. Music written and performed by Peter Bowhan.

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Minilogue – Animals

Minilogue is the Swedish Progressive House / Minimal Techno music project of Sebastian Mullaert and Marcus Henriksson.

The music video has been directed and animated by Kristofer Ström. Motion graphics and editing: Erik Buchholtz. Produced by Bart Yates and Nicholas Wakeham at Varelsen.

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