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Darbo: Road

Spot directed by Tracey Rowe and produced at Robber’s Dog. Creative agency: Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann.

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Wolksvagen Touran: Ghost Train

Finalement, c’est bon d’être père.


This commercial will try and fool you into believing that there’s something good about becoming a father. I’m not very persuaded though…
The spot was directed by H5 and produced at Addict Film for RSA. Sound design: Kouz. Creat. agency: Agence.V. for DDB Paris.
3D graphics done at Mikros by a team comprising [...]

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N.A.S.A. – The People Tree

Tasty little human beingsI grow them on the people treeI will eat them one by oneIf there’s enough for everyone.

An apocalyptic view of the world. Or: a worldly view of the apocalypse. I guess it’s the same…
N.A.S.A. (North America South America) is an ongoing creative collaboration between Squeak E. Clean and DJ Zegon.
The People Tree [...]

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TV or not TV: Part 1

Four in a series of several IDs for the Italian satellite TV channel, Cult TV. More info in the main post.
Quattro di una serie di parecchie ID per il canale satellitare, Cult TV. Più informazioni nel post principale.

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DOWNLOAD: Scarica TV or not TV (1).[Format: MPEG-4 - Size: [...]

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Great Pair: A Wedding Commercial

When a great pair comes togetherand merges into one, it’s simply irresistible.Introducing: Dick and Beaver.

Apparently, Mr. Dick Thompson made a commercial for his own marriage.
A quanto sembra, Dick Thompson ha realizzato uno spot per il suo matrimonio.

as seen on Shortsville

DOWNLOAD (HI RES): Scarica A Wedding Commercial.[Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 4 MB - Running Time: 1 [...]

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ESCAPISTA – Mr. Lonely

I get no letters in the mail.

Sometimes a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do. But you gotta be a man to do it…
Mr. Lonely is a short video by Escapista based on his set of pictures of the same name.
The song is (obviously) Mr. Lonely by Bobby Vinton.
A volte un uomo ha da [...]

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Honey Honey – Homeless Heart

Just the forbidden fruit and me.

Looks like somebody’s gonna get married. Or killed. Or both. Or maybe it’s just the same thing, ain’t it?
Honey Honey are Suzanne Santo and Ben Jaffe. They just released their first EP, entitled Loose Boots.
The music video has been directed by Michael James Johnson. Director of photography: Tarin Maja Anderson.
Sembra [...]

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Visa: Running Man

Life Flows Better…

This is harsh. I’ll tell you little by little. It’s about a man. A man running. Running naked. A man running, naked, in socks! And he holds a credit card too…
The spot has been directed by Antoine Bardou Jacquet at Partizan. Editor: Bill Smedley at Work.
Post production by Wes at The Mill. Sound [...]

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