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Drench: Cubehead

Guy needs some beverage before managing to put order in his messed up head because, even though they’ve found that 20 moves are enough to sold the Rubik’s cube, you still have to find them…

The spot has been directed by Ulf Johansson and produced by Philippa Smith at Smith & Jones Films. Director of photography: Stephen Keith-Roach.

Editor: John Smith at Whitehouse. Visual Effects: MPC. Sound: Wave Studio. Creative agency: Chi & Partners, London.

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The Guardian: Gola Mondo

The spot has been directed by Tomas Garcia and produced at Peppermelon and Stink. Creative agency: Wieden Kennedy, London.

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Honda: Grrr

“Can Hate Be Good?” Why not!

The commercial is from 2004, but I just caught on it again and decided it was time to post it. After all, it never gets old.

The spot was directed by Smith & Foulkes and produced at Nexus. Creative agency: W+K London. Song performed by Garrison Keillor (as Be Nice to the Pigeons).

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Mars Planets – Siren Bots

A spot directed by Bertrand Bey and Pierre Ducos. You’ll recognize the setup from their student film True Color.
Produced by Gin Godden and Kat Hara at Not to Scale. Models and Lighting: Joan Ponds. Rigging: Damien Ferrire.
Animatics: Charles Blanchard, Eve Chauvet, Mehdi, Clement Richard, Damien Ferrire. Compositor: Adam Janezek.
Creative agency: AMV BBDO, London. [...]

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Extraordinary Bird Life: Penguins


“Monty Python star Terry Jones spent two months on the frozen plains of Argentina, following the migration trails of a small group of Adelie Penguins, as they migrated north to the rain forests of Uruguay and Brazil.”
Penguins was released on April Fool’s Day to promote BBC iPlayer. It was directed by Vince Squibb (real life [...]

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Like no Other: Foam City

Loads of foam cover the streets of Miami in the new Like no other commercial for Sony, this time for the Cybershot photocamera rather than Bravia.
The director was Simon Ratigan at HLA. Editor: Bruce Townend at The Quarry.
Visual effects by Moving Picture Company. Audio post production: Wave Studios. Music composed by Warren Ellis.
Creative director: [...]

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Visa: Running Man

Life Flows Better…

This is harsh. I’ll tell you little by little. It’s about a man. A man running. Running naked. A man running, naked, in socks! And he holds a credit card too…
The spot has been directed by Antoine Bardou Jacquet at Partizan. Editor: Bill Smedley at Work.
Post production by Wes at The Mill. Sound [...]

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Cadbury Dairy Milk: Gorilla Moment

Get the love back for the brand.

While I upload the main entry, here’s a viral video from one month ago, which I’m confident everyone out there has seen.
The spot was ideated and directed by Juan Cabral and produced at Blink for creative agency Fallon, London.
Director of photography: Dan Bronks. Editor: Jo Guest at Final Cut. [...]

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Levis: Dangerous Liaison

You’ve seen it all around the web, but now it is available at a decent quality at Beam TV.
Love goes thru time and fashions. But never changes brand, as you can guess…
Commercial directed by Ringan Ledwidge and produced by Rattling Stick. Post production made at The Mill. Editor: Richard Orrick.
The song is Strange Love by [...]

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Vodafone: Work and Play

No TV and no beer make Homer something something.

An office desk and a foosball table do battle in the latest from Dougal Wilson.
Una scrivania ed un biliardino si danno battaglia nell’ultimo di Dougal Wilson.

via Kamigurumi

DOWNLOAD: Scarica Work and Play.[Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 10 MB - Running Time: 1 min.]
WATCH (LOW Q.): Guarda Work and Play [...]

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Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz? (J. Joplin)

Clouds tells an epic story of a slick Mercedes dodging crushing shadows, as cast by the clouds in an Armageddon sky.
The ad has been produced by MJZ and The Mill, and directed by Nicolai Fuglsig, who also directed Balls.
The idea centres around two battling ‘cloud [...]

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Balls (Extended Version)

Any colour you like.

My latest posts lack a bit of… colour!So let’s try to balance the situation with this commercial, directed by Nicolai Fuglsig (of production agency MJZ) for Sony Bravia television range.The TV ad is out from some time but this is a new and longer (and better, IMHO) cut.
Set to the stripped-down acoustic [...]

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