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Tim and Puma Mimi – Perspective

Tim and Puma Mimi is an indie electro-pop group that consists of Christian Fischer and Michiko Hanawa. Perspective is a song featured on their latest album, entitled Turn the Page and released in 2009 for Statt Musik.

The music video has been conceived, directed and animated by Monika Rohner AKA Mone with some financial support from Migros Kulturprozent.

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Inspired by the everyday frustrations of being a creative, Peak is a short film produced at Adolescent.

2D by Simon Benjamin; 3D by Shu-Han Yang. Sound design by Cypher Audio.

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A boy (Luke Hayward) and his father (Liam Thomas) live a harsh existence against a desolate backdrop. Whilst the father is stranded, the boy’s physique allows him to pass through a small tunnel leading to a place very different from their own. He brings back footage to satisfy his fathers desire to re-live memories of when he too could make this journey. Tide is the story of a father’s obsession that will ultimately lose him the respect of his son, and in turn his companionship.

Tide is a beautiful short movie written and directed by Luke White, his graduation film at the London College of Communication.

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BrotherSister – Still Run

I still run, I still run, I still wander.In our day, everyday, we would wander.And I want to go, were nobody moves.Are you hearing something,don’t let me see you move.


Running in the night can be an adventure. Or even many adventures. I guess it depends on which night you choose.
BrotherSister is an Australian duo comprised [...]

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