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Ohbijou – New Years


Mother Nature is waking up. Soon she’ll be doing her magic, once again. You’ll better not be in the surroundings…
Ohbijou is a Canadian indie pop band based in Toronto founded by Casey Mecija.
New Years is a single taken from their second album, entitled Beacons and released on June 2009.
The music video is the work of [...]

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Coca Cola: Hidden Formula

Incompertus AequoraAmplus somes a unda

Complete Credits

Hey! Hey! Today I bring you a long lasting secret: where to find the hidden formula of the Coca Cola.
It’s written on a tiny grain of rice, hidden “inside a shell guarded by two hermit crabs which are inside a grandmother’s purse kept in an old Incan chest which is [...]

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Paavoharju – Uskallan

Rather strange video, this one, sort of a condensed geological history of Earth. So much going in so little time.
Paavoharju is a Finnish musical collective of lutheran Christians formed around two brothers, Lauri Ainala and Olli Ainala.
Uskallan (Dare) is featured on their second album, entitled Laulu Laakson Kukista (A Song about Flowers of the Valley) [...]

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AM Syndicate – To the Peasants of the Emperor


“The world of the yarn people is in trouble, their people have been taken and it is up to one lover to rescue his friends and return to the arms of his sweetheart!”
AM Syndicate is a band based in Austin, Texas formed by the remaining members of the Adolfo’s Reversal project: Omar Chavez, golfball, [...]

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