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Streetlight Manifesto – Would you be impressed?

Would you be impressed is a track featured on Streetlight Manifesto’s album Somewhere in the Between. The music video (not animal/human friendly!) has been directed and animated by Jurjen Bosklopper.

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ANDREW CHESWORTH – Born in Captivity

Here is told the twisted story of a twisted mind who had the bad luck of living in a twisted world.

Born in Captivity is a short film directed by Andrew Chesworth and produced at the MCAD College under the coordination of Tom Schroeder.

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While presented with a movie I previously posted (can’t remember which one now), a user of a forum expressed his dislike for “trivial” metaphors.
Instead, I think that movies based on simple (even childish) metaphors might have as much to say as any other movie, as long as they are good movies. And they can reach [...]

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Giardini di Mirò – Broken By

“The saddest kiss tells you have loved me too soon.”
Warning: graphic violence!


Can anybody make a beautiful film about something horrible? Obviously, yes. Is this the case? You be the judge.
Giardini di Mirò is a post-rock band based in Reggio Emilia, Italy, formed in 1998 and comprised of: Jukka Reverberi, Lorenzo Lanzi, Mirko Venturelli, Luca Di [...]

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N.A.S.A. – A Volta

NC-17 – Sexo violento – Lenguaje adulto – Gráfico desnudos.

“… I told you pendejos not to fuck with me!”
NASA, short for “North America South America,” is a music collaboration project assembled by Squeak E. Clean (aka Sam Spiegel, brother of film director Spike Jonze) and DJ Zegon (Ze Gonzales, professional skateboarder).
A Volta (featuring Sizzla, Amanda [...]

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[REPOST] Prototype: Cinematic Intro

It’s aliiiiiive!!!

His name is Alex Mercer. He’s the reason for everything you’re about to see. They call him a killer, a monster, a terrorist. He’s all of these things.
Prototype is an interesting game with elements of Half Life (you vs the monsters vs the army), Mirror’s Edge (free running) and I guess many other…
Developed by [...]

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MTV: Violently Happy Bugs

Soothe me!

One out of five IDs for MTV made by Fons Schiedon. Music by Bram Meindersma.
The complete series is on Vimeo.
Uno di cinque ID per MTV opera di Fons Schiedon. Musica: Bram Meindersma.
La serie completa è su Vimeo.

© 2005

DOWNLOAD (HI RES): Scarica Violently Happy Bugs 1.[Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 3 MB - Running Time: 30 [...]

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EGOR ABRAMENKO – The Collector

Murder Death Kill!

Jars are useful tools to take care of your collection. That is, until your specimens become too big.
The Collector is a short film by Egor Abramenko. Produced By Egor Abramenko and Maksim Rojkov at Cinex Film.
Cast: Yaroslav Zhalnin, Natalia Rusinova, Anna Zariankina, Anton Sorokin, Andrey Bogdanov.
Director of photography: Michail Kelim. Music by Ivan [...]

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PAUL ROBERTSON – Hyper Parsnip Bitches

Oh noes!

An earlier effort by Paul Robertson, “a short film parodying 2D side scrolling videogames, among other things!”
Featuring David Schwimmer, Dolph Lundgren, Bud Spencer, Falcor, and other pop culture icons.
Opera datata di Paul Robertson, “un corto parodia dei videogiochi in 2D a scorrimento orizzontale, fra le altre cose!”
Vi compaiono David Schwimmer, Dolph Lundgren, Bud Spencer, [...]

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Colin and Cumberland: Fetch!

Go for it!

“Colin takes his dog Cumberland to the park for a game of fetch but Cumberland has other ideas.”
A short movie written and directed by Dana Dorian, produced by Sam MacCarthy at Axis Animation. Art director: Jon Beeston.
Modelling: Cath Brooks, Tom Bryant. Animation: Steve Townrow. Lighting and compositing: Nuno Conceição.
Sound and music by Joris [...]

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Justice – Stress

Just easy as ABC…

Talking about ultra violence and crosses, here’s the controversial video for Justice that flamed the debate there on antville.
The video was directed by Romain Gravas (of Kourtrajmé) and produced at Soixante Quinze Productions.
Parlando di ultra violenza e croci, qui c’è il controverso video per Justice che ha infiammato la polemica su antville.
Il [...]

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