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Vimeo Autoembed Fixed

The mood is a harsh mistress

Just noticed that the Vimeo autoembedding script was broken due to an unhandled redirect. Fixed it. Also updated the post for The Green Hornet.

Ho notato che lo script per l’autoembed da Vimeo era rotto a causa di un redirect non gestito. Aggiustatolo. Ho anche aggiornato il post di The Green [...]

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Vimeo Festival + Awards: Unlime

A creative process. An idea. Floating constantly and resolutely. Skilled — it has made its way through this complex surrounding. Seeking for the one and only goal where they all come together.

One of the many promotional videos for the Vimeo Festival SLASH Vimeo Awards. This one was the work of Patric Schade AKA Unlime. Sound design: Florian Salewski and Stefan Zinsbacher.

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Meebo Malfunctions

The Meebo Me widget is working bad, if at all. I’m not getting messages, I don’t even see people online. (Even when nobody’s online, I should at least see me…)

I’m leaving it online for the support staff to test, but you’d better not use it. You can get in touch with me in dozens of other ways (Twitter, MySpace, Vimeo…) I’ve never used Twitter a lot, but I just installed Echofon, a Twitter client for Firefox, so feel free to tweet me.

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Vimeo Killed the Radio Button

I’ve just added a new feature to the blog: special support for Vimeo.

Check the post for Pigeon Pilfer and click the Vimeo link: the video is now played in a box. The script degrades gracefully: if JavaScript is disabled, the video opens in a new window.

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