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Binboa Vodka: Kendi Şişeni Kendin Yarat

A nice stop motion animated spot for Binboa Vodka created and produced at 41? 29! and directed by Asya Leman Sanıtürk. Creative Director: Seren Köroğlu.

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ALEX VARANESE – My Desk is 8-bit

Find out what a video game might look like in the form of a stop motion animation with this short film by Alex Varanese, inspired by Michel Gondry and R-Type.

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Round 6

Round 6 shows an excerpt from the personal story of Snap, a Fragball gamer, as he plays out his last round of the game. The short film has been directed by Dave Levy and produced at Snowball Studios.

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A short film that will be loved by all those who can remember the days of the 8 bit computers: Tetris, Pac-Man, Space Invaders, the Commodore 64, Bomberman and probably more…

The movie has been directed by Patrick Jean and produced at One More Prod. Director of Photography: Matias Boucard.

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As I said, I oughta be lucky guy, since I never cared about my hair, short or long that it was. But if you do, then you might easily empathize with the guy in this short film.

Wild Wind is a Flash movie, directed by Leonardo Campasso, who is part of the Vurup collective which brought us Insert Coin.

The music comes from Mario Bros and Pac-Land. Additional music by Queshi and Eddsworldtom, from Newgorunds.

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Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2: Footprints

Why did that ninja did that? Maybe he’s still angry for Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Or perhaps for those stupid ninja kids flicks.

Ninja Gaiden σ 2 is the latest game in the Ninja Gaiden franchise, whose first game was known as Shadow Warriors for us Europeans.

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NIGEL UPCHURCH – Asteroids, a Love Story

An old fashioned, universal love story from Nigel Upchurch. With happy end and eveything.

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ALESSANDRO CIMA – Kingdom Of Moderate Sunshine

We shall meet in the place were there is no darkness.

In the day of the liberal revolution, I thought I could post the “kind of film that might play on Winston Smith’s telescreen in his Oceania home from George Orwell’s novel, Nineteen Eighty-Four.”
The film has been made by Alessandro Cima “using original HD footage [...] [...]

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KYLE DOWNES – A Short Visual History of Videogames

But my mum says I’m cool!

“A 3 minute long visual essay (or whatever you call these things) about the history of videogame consoles, from 1972 when Ralph Baer invented the Odyssey with Bob Tremblay, to the launch of the current generation of consoles and beyond.”
Kyle Downes‘ major project for 3rd year of his Bachelor of [...]

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You Totally Rock!

A short with “Rockman (Megaman) in paper, having epic adventures in the wild world.”
Rockman is the work of Nicolas Ménard. Game player: Charles Farmer. The music is Concrete Jungle, from the sound track of Megaman 9.
Corto con “Rockman (Megaman) di carta che vive avventure epiche in un mondo folle.”
Rockman è opera di [...]

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In the beginning was the Word. Through command line all things were made.
A short movie made in house at Cocoe. The song is Kein Trink Wasser by Orbital.
In principio era il verbo. Attraverso la linea di comando tutte le cose furono fatte.
Un corto realizzato dallo studio Cocoe. Il brano è Kein Trink Wasser degli Orbital.

© [...]

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Vrei să pleci darnu mă, nu mă iei,nu mă, nu mă iei,nu mă, nu mă, nu mă iei.

Thou shalt never (ever) Numa Numa, unless required by the game you are playing…
Spot directed by Minivegas. Post production: Hectic Electric. 3D models by Jelmer Boksma. Animator: Daniel Callaby. Creative agency: Et Cetera.
Dutch tagline: “And that’s why you [...]

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SimCity Creator: Secret World

Create. Enjoy. Destroy.

As a young boy peers through the glass of his mother’s car, he sees a city unfold and build before his eyes: “eggs rain down from the sky and hatch into fire-breathing dragons, while spiked balls crash upon the highway, narrowly missing his car.”
The spot has been directed by Peter Sluszka and produced [...]

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MEHMET CAN KOCAK – Iyi geceler


Too much television and video games make Ozcan uh… something something!
İyi geceler (Good Night) is a short movie written and directed by Mehmet Can Koçak with original music by Nazım Çınar.
Cast: Ozcan Yilimaz, Nurten Koçak, Gürsel Koçak, Emin Koçak, Mehmet Can Koçak, İhsan Dindar.
Troppo televisione e troppi videogiochi rendono Ozcan uh… pazzo furioso!
İyi geceler (Buona [...]

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Levis 501

The history of the jeans in pop culture, from King Kond to James Bond, with lots of blood, and some ketchup. A dangerous story, isn’t it?
Images: Lobo. Sound: Paulo Beto.
La storia dei jeans nella cultura pop, da King Kong a James Bond, con mucchi di sangue ed un po’ di ketchup. Una storia pericolosa, [...]

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