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Bubble Sex

Gonna get strange eggs this Easter. At least it what you’d argue by this strange video directed by Valerie Pirson at Partizan. Music by the non existent Disco Chicken Project (actually The Seebach Band).

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Psapp – Side Dish

A love affair between some cutlery and a faceless aproned girl.

The music video has been directed and animated by Leigh Hodgkinson and produced by Steve Smith.

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Tokyo Sky Drive: Night (version 1)

Nothing crafty here. To do the magic, cat2525jp just needed a cool concept and a nice video trick. Oh, and a cool soundtrack by Sugar Plant. And Tokyo. And probably also some legal stuff to be settled before you can attach your camera to a train. But whatever, enjoy!

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Volksbank: Patricia Borsch

A visual and poetic documentary portrait of the funkenmariechen Patricia Borsch. A funke is a young carnival dancer performing throughout the West German carnival season. Patricia Borsch lives in the very small village of Windhagen, 50 kilometres south of Cologne.

The short film is somewhat a spot for Volksbank, directed by Stian Smestad at LIFF.

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The Summerlad – City of Noise

“Referencing Magritte, Alice in Wonderland and surrealism in general,” the video follows “a man as he competes against different realities of himself for a magic treasure chest.”

City of Noise, by Canadian band The Summerlad, is originally a 40 minute, mostly instrumental, piece, composed in 2005 and released with this shorter single version in 2007.

The video, starring Trevor Campbell, has been directed and edited by Mitch Barany.

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Electric Self: Flesh Paths

“A trip througout the paths of the flesh: revealed female bodies and newborn childs already dead. The long flashback of a suicidal, through ancestral memories and foetal recalls.”
Electric Self is a series of video pieces by Alessandro Amaducci which aims to explore the inconscious in/of the digital era.
Images and music by Alessandro Amaducci. Computer [...]

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Fitzcarraldo – Pachumea

Maju Piju

A music video produced by Wolfram Gruß at PNFA for the psychedelic post hardcore rock band Fitzcarraldo from Aschaffenburg, Germany.
“The clip is a fusion of different methods such as still photography, graphic animation, stop motion and actual live video footage. The footage was recorded and worked out loosely over a time span of about [...]

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Is it really a sin if we both come out even?

Doesn’t take to much to see reality in a different way. Just try looking into a mirror.
Minus the Bear is a band based in Seattle, whose members are Dave Knudson, Cory Murchy, Alex Rose, Jake Snider and Erin Tate.
Knights is featured on their latest album, [...]

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