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Anthropology: Pieces

For some reason, they are lowering the ransom.

Victor Solomon sadly sent us the link to the last one of his five short movies adapted from Dan Rhodes‘ Anthropology.
This time the girl is not there anymore. She’s been kidnapped. And not doing very well.
Victor Solomon ci invia tristemente il link all’ultimo dei cinque corti adattati da [...]

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Anthropology: Trick

My girlfriend told me she’s been the victimof nature’s cruelest trick.

Be sure to have your brain connected before answering tricky questions of your girlfriend. Even better: try listening to her.
Trick is the fourth installment in Victor Solomon’s series of short movies based on Dan Rhodes‘ Anthropology.
Assicurati che il cervello sia connesso prima di rispondere [...]

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Anthropology: Beauty

My girlfriend is so beautiful that she has never had cause to develop any kind of personality.

Beauty is the third installment in Victor Solomon’s series of short based on Dan Rhodes‘ Anthropology.
A girl can be quite a catastrophe…
Ecco il terzo appuntamento con la serie di corti di Victor Solomon basata su Anthropology di [...]

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Anthropology: Bulletin

My girlfriend is so lovely that I can’t helpfeeling sorry for all her ex-boyfriends.

Here’s the second installment in Victor Solomon’s series of short based on Dan Rhodes‘ Anthropology.
The short suggests a very clever idea which I think I’ll put into practice as soon as this post will be up and running…
Il secondo appuntamento con [...]

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Anthropology: Together

how unbearable the pain is…

Victor Solomon just started putting online Anthropology, a series of five short movies revolving around relationships and based on a book of short stories by Dan Rhodes.
About this particular short: don’t worry if you don’t get it. You’re a lucky boy…
BONUS: Some sketches and behind the scenes photos are available. More [...]

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In a lonely world, a desperate time…

What if your life was narrated by a voice over actor? Yeah, even ordering something at a fast food or doing your boring daily duty will become the act of a hero…
If you’re not convinced, you can watch this movie, directed by Victor Solomon and starring Tom Chantler narrating [...]

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