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Our Choice: Global Warming

A short story about a family of polar bears. Created by Dewi Mariam and Christian Whiticar.

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Our Choice: Pollution

A short story about a sea turtle’s life in a coral reef affected by pollution. Created by Dewi Mariam and Christian Whiticar.

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Our Choice: Overexploitation

A short story about shark finning leading to the overall topic of the overexploitation of animals. Created by Dewi Mariam and Christian Whiticar.

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Our Choice: Deforestation

A short story about deforestation taking place in the jungle. Created by Dewi Mariam and Christian Whiticar.

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Invisible Wars: Redefining Aid

Invisible Wars is a motion piece by James Bartley and Jake Graydon, their final project at VFS in the Digital Design program.

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Iran: A Nation of Bloggers

A country and its people are more thanthe narrow view points of the politicians.

You know of Iranian election, protests in favour of Mousavi and against the alleged fraud. The video is not new, but the way.
But in a few months, this visual essay might well be talking about Italy. After all, the flags and the [...]

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Miniature Rocket: Polaris

Demostration – Phase 1

Anarchy in the motion graphics!
“Miniature Rocket was created by students Yaniv Fridman and Nicolas-Alexander Girard as their final project in the Digital Design program at Vancouver Film School.”
“The objective was to create an identity and a launching campaign for a new design studio that would specialize in motion graphics.”
Anarchia nella motion graphic!
“Miniature [...]

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Her fingers of rain stroke my mouth.

“A man lost his love. He decides to go out and find her in the night of Hong Kong, only to realise that it’s not with her he’s in love, but with the city itself.”
Seeking You is a love letter to Hong Kong written (and directed) by Jean-Julien Pous.
The [...]

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PEDRO EBOLI – A Pug`s Life

animal were emotionally harmedduring the making of this film.

Life sucks. Especially when you do too…
A Pug’s Life is a petite tragedie by Pedro Eboli, a student of the Vancouver Film School.
Voices: Graham Peterson, Julia Hilton.
La vita fa schifo, se fai schifo a vivere…
A Pug’s Life è una petite tragedie di Pedro Eboli, studente della [...]

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A brief guide about Bridesmaids


A nuptial ceremony ain’t something you can leave to fate. Bride’s maids are there just to help you get the best from the best day of you life (yeah…)
A brief guide about Bridesmaids is a short movie by Yaniv Fridman, Amber Mackay and Nicolas Alexander, their final project at the Vancouver Film School.
The movie is [...]

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In the beginnings…

“Imagine the story of creation shown thru the cold lens of Science, and evolution told as a biblical tale. It’s a head-spinningly complex splitscreen experience and demands repeat viewing.” (Source: VFS)
“Duelity is a split screen animation that tells both sides of the story of Earth’s origins in a dizzying and provocative journey through [...]

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Duelity: Evolution

In the beginning…

“If thou shalt believe the Book of Darwin, t’is billion years after the Big Bang that we behold what the cosmos hath begat: the magma, the terra firma, the creeping beasts and the mankind, whose dolorous and chaotic evolution begat the gift of consciousness.”
That’s one story.
“Dal Vangelo secondo Darwin si evince che solo [...]

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Duelity: Creationism

In the beginning…

“According to the records of the General Organization of Development (GOD) it took a mere six days to manufacture a fully operational universe, complete with day, night, flora and fauna, and installing Adam as its manager to oversee daily functions on Earth.”
That’s one story.
“Secondo i registri del Dipartimento di Infinita Onnipotenza (DIO) ci [...]

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MIKE TRENT – No Quarter

America Plunges Into Economic Depression!

This is the story of men who played with money. Not their money, yours. It’s also the story of the catastrophic consequences…
The short movie is the work of Mike Trent, a student of the Vancouver Film School.
La storia di uomini che hanno giocato col denaro. Non loro, ma vostro. Ed anche [...]

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Theres no sensation to compare with this…

A cute baby angel has a little wardrobe malfunction which gets him in trouble. But, with a little help, he’ll learn to fly…
Not Forgotten is a short animated movie created by Dewi Permata Sari during the Digital Character Animation course at the Vancouver Film School.
Un problema coi vestiti mette [...]

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