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Blind Spot

When a thief enters a store for a robbery, nobody seems to notice him. Still, anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

Blind Spot is a short film by six students of Gobelins: Johanna Bessière, Cécile Dubois-Herry, Simon Rouby, Nicolas Chauvelot, Olivier Clert, Yvon Jardel.

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Blind Spot: The Making of

here are actually five featurettes for Blind Spot, one for each of the author, except one. This one focuses on the work of Cécile Dubois-Herry.

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VURUP – Insert Coin


The are no extra lives in the real life. Even though there’s a lot of people using cheats.
Insert Coin is a one minute short film by the Vurup collective, which reminded me of Fredric Brown’s short story, Pattern.
Vurup Animación is Gabriel H. Fermanelli, Leonardo Campasso, Bruno Olguín, German de Vivero and Luz Lázzaro.

Non ci [...]

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You’ve probably seen this already, but when I first found this short, I actually watched the animatic instead of the short… Well, that goes for my list of things to improve: myself, I mean.
“Candy canes glisten, green frosted hills sparkle, and battered steel weapons glint in the setting sun. Tensions flare on both sides of [...]

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Coke: Happiness Factory

We are the factory of happiness and joyWe make everything just everythingTo make you happy boy…

And here’s the 90 second spot that started it all, where you’ll learn how “many snowmen had to die in such a horrible way for the sake of refreshment”. (Quote by Jaxon)
The spot was (again) directed by Psyop’s Todd Mueller [...]

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Happiness Factory: The Movie

The Coke side of life.

Psyop further devevops the fantasy world created for the Happiness Factory spot (followed by the funny mockumentary) and shows us some more magic.
The movie was directed by Psyop’s Todd Mueller and Kylie Matulick, with the live action bits made by Andreas Hoffman at Seven Senses. The campaign was developed at W+K [...]

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Coke: Inside the Happiness Factory

Do you think sharks can swim in coke?

Happiness Factory is a 60″ commercial realized last year by Psyop for Coca Cola.
Now, we are given the opportunity to meet the guys who worked so hard to spread happiness all around.
The short mockumentary has been produced, once again, by Psyop. Directors: Todd Mueller and Kylie Matulick. Creative [...]

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THE SNEAKS – Kuzai Heart You Girl

A japanese vending machine falls in love with a hot robot doll. When a coin is inserted, the Bunny City inside her (!!!) grows excited.
Weirdness apart, this is a great work of animation, that surely required a great effort.
Video realized by New Zealand Shine Strength. The credits includes: Phil James, Hsu Han Chiang, Phil Kwong, [...]

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