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Justice ft. Lenny Kravitz – Let Love Rule

Have you ever wondered what happens to action movie heroes during the end credits? Well, you’re about to find out.

Let Love Rule is a song originally released by Lenny Kravitz in 1989, on his debut album, which has now been republished for its 20th anniversary.

The music video has been directed by Keith Schofield and produced by Steve Buchanan at El Nino.

Director of photography: Damian Acevedo. Editors: Keith Schofield and Alan Capriles.

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Typophile Film Festival 5: Opening Titles

A visual typographic feast about the five senses, and how they contribute to and enhance our creativity.

Handcrafted with love by BYU design students and faculty, for the 5th Typophile Film Festival. Creative director: Brent Barson.

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If you’ve ever tried yourself at artistic creation, you might have had the feeling that your work was starting to get a life of its own, away from your hands.

Piece is a short stop animated movie, a collaboration between the Russian collective Self Burning, and artist Igor Skaletsky.

Drummer: Evgeniy Labich. His live performances were then arranged and mixed in one track. Sound design: Self Burning.

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Adelaide Airport: Panda Venture

They’re wild!
They’re mysterious!
They’re the wild and mysterious panda bears!

Win a trip to China and save the pandas from extinction! No? Ok, get extinct with them, then!
A television commercial featuring 1950s Fleischer styled 2D animation, produced at PRA.
Directed by: James Calvert. Advertising Agency: Jamshop.

Vinci un viaggio in Cina e salva i panda dall’estinzione! No? Allora estinguiti [...]

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Charity Challenge: Just Giving

A nice motion graphics piece for a charity. Thanks to the money raised, Gregg and Lis went to Tanzania in August, to climb a mountain and then help build a school for the children of a small village called Choba.

The video is the work of Alex Robinson and Danny Boyle at Treat Studio.

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Eat Real. Eat Local.

Looks like a typical Canadian family dinner.


The short film explains what is happening to the food system of Canada (as any other highly “developed” country) and why you should care more about what you eat.
The infomercial has been directed by Steve Gordon (live action) and Crush (animation). Produced by Kate Dale at Sons and Daughters [...]

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Amadou & Mariam – Masitéladi (feat. -M-)

Massi téladi, massi téladi…La vie est une école.

It’s no use crying over spilled milk (unless you’re starring in a video aiming to show that it’s no use crying over spilled milk (unless you’re starring in a video aiming to…
Amadou Bagayoko and Mariam Doumbia, that is Amadou & Mariam, are a musical duo from Mali.
Masitéladi (featuring [...]

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Dan Black – Symphonies

A couple of the wiresin my heart are broke.

First time I ain’t had to google around to find a poster image for a music video. (Loosely?) based on the title sequences of popular films, the clip is plenty of suitable images.
Symphonies is the new single by Dan Black. And it’s not a big deal if [...]

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CHRISTEN BACH – Spiders: Episode 3


“Dissolved in the stomach acid. Transferred into the blood stream via gastro intestinal tract. Reaching the nervous system.”
“Increases the release of the transmitter substance serotonin. Dilates pupils. Increases blood pressure: higher pulse.”
“Increased sensitivity. Over heating… (And potential death…)”
Third in a series of short shorts by Christen Bach. The spider is Eric Gonzalez.
“Dissolta nell’acido gastrico. Trasferita [...]

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Spiders: A Day In Tolerance


Intolerant spider is not tolerated by tolerant spiders who silence him and then provide him with a brain wash.
The first in a series of thirteen short videos made by Danish artist Christen Bach.
Il ragno intollerante non è tollerato dai ragni tolleranti che lo azzittiscono e gli fanno il lavaggio del cervello.
Primo in una serie di [...]

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GILES TIMMS – Manifestations

Il faut trouver l’amour.

The courageous and determined Mr. Chip travels in search of love in the seemingly loveless world of the humans.
A colorful and happy short film designed, directed and animated by Giles Timms in Flash, TVPaint and After Effects.
Created at the Animation Workshop at the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television.
Music by Welsh [...]

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Yalumba: Talk Eat Live Laugh


Surreal and futurist-ish characters enjoy some glass of wine in outer space. Nobody will hear them sing aloud drunk.
“Each characters brief cameo crosses into the next with playful uses of scale and perspective culminating in the characters joining together to deliver the key message.”
The spot has been directed by Grant Lovering and produced at Resin. [...]

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The best thing I know is to do exactly what you wish for a while.

A love story set in a place that I learned to love, and I’m loving to learn.
A girl (Debora Antonaci) “misses her train to Milan and is set to wait overnight in Rome until dawn. A chance encounter with a guy [...]

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MATO ATOM – Headache

Not today, honey.The recession gave me headache.

As stated in another short movie (Docking): make astro physics, not wars.
Headache is a fun and keen little film created by Mato Atom for DAHRA and Amnesty. The original post also points to Palestine is Still the Issue, a documentary film by John Pilger.
Music by Nine Inch Nails from [...]

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Death Cab for Cutie – Grapevine Fires

And the firemen worked in double shiftsWith prayers for rain on their lipsAnd they knew it was only a matter of time.

Lesson learned: even when you’ve lost everything a man can lose, you still got something. Oh, and also: don’t throw your lit cigarette in the wild.
Grapevine Fires is a song written by Ben Gibbard, [...]

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