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[BEST OF] April 2010 Pt.2

Marching Through Your Head: go there, up to the peak of the Olympus.

Gebroken Wit: hope.

Blue Eyed Universe: deep space.

Clac!“: birds and other calamities.

Nokta: power, chance and luck.

Grand Central: yarn!

Animation Tag Attack: exquisite corpse project.

Instrumental Video Nine: making music.

Yowser Yowser Yowser: engage!

Boob: bad surgery.

And the Walls Came Down: parallels.

Operator: take control!

Float: from Karni & Saul.

Life n’ Roll: (de)motivational.

The Wizard Of Dogz: woof.

The Raven: the chase is on.

Between: obscure fantasies.

Moodbot: share!

La Main des Maîtres: The hand of the masters.

Corazon en fuego: Heart on fire.

Joy Fantastic: groovy!

Cañón: lethal weapon.

The Anachronism: an enigmatic encounter.

One Month Off: fairy tales.

Haunted Girl: photomation.

Distraxion: short and sweet.

Round 6: fragball.

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[BEST OF] April 2010 Pt.1

Gotta take a couple of days to meet a deadline and/or hang out with dudes. Possibly both.

Beakus: They’re new, but they’re not. They won’t hew but they’re hot.

Blind Spot: anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

Bubble Sex: Gonna get strange eggs this Easter.

Lost Below: Hanging on my tree.

The Replacement: nobody will notice it.

To Build a Home: ma fleur.

Dead Man’s Suit: I’d rather wear jeans.

Airport: like a good dream that you can repeat every time you want.

Lumber Jack’s Wood Feast: Yes, it’s wood!

Ten by Ten: you’re fucked.

Incandescent: directed by Raul Gonzo.

Yumé: exquisiteness.

Pixels: Soon to be a feature film…

The Head: coolness.

Roboboy: sad-eyed little robot.

Elevator: and no elevator music.

We Are Water: There will be blood.

The Return of John Frum: a trip far off the boundaries of logic and meaning.

We Got Time: in camera.

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[BEST OF] March 2010 Pt. 2

Le chat: surreal and erotic.

Pubic Hair: well…

Trichrome Blue: spiritual emotion.

The Owl and the Squirrel: Could be raining!

Tokyo Sky Drive: simple and effective.

Homunculus: they rise.

The Lady and the Reaper: La dama y la muerte.

Levity: 2 children escape the war.

The Future of Air Travel: the present, now.

The Ostrich: paper marionette.

The Legend of Speed: more Nike.

Retina: choreographed, mechanical ballet of man and machine.

Matin d’hiver: the wool thing.

Marvelous, Keen Loony Bin: the kind of maths that does not end well.

Phillip the Safety Egg: not your typical medical drama.

Freeze Tag: cool spot.

Bless: old man confronts his fears.

Wojna: school of war.

Nemesis: underwear perverts.

Younger: tearing memories.

à Dada: woman gives birth to a tree.

Tide: a boy and his father.

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[BEST OF] March 2010 Pt. 1

Conversations from the Inside: Nicola Sanders for Nike.

Protect Our Waves: Surfers Against Sewage.

Videogioco: flipbook on steroids.

Mars, the Bringer of War: mysterious creatures.

Simulacra: duplication by industrial means.

Together: from PES.

Dove Nets: giant mouse.

Sea Change: ashes and an empty bed.

Tar: psychological horror.

Die Schneider Krankheit: a deadly virus spreads.

The Sun and the Seed: hope and community.

Pivot: Run for life.

She Who Measures: Are we truly free?

The Seed: a humble apple seed.

Alucina 15: strange loops.

Senseless: as the name impluies.

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[BEST OF] February 2010 Pt. 2

This is the best part after the first.

Mormor: granny.

Moonboy: sky is the limit.

Machine Gun: self destruction.

Orgy: not what you might think.

Measured Sacrifice: haunted past and uncertain future.

Radiorace: VHS-Scope.

A Brief History of Pretty Much Everything: pretty much.

Biathlon: fuck yeah!

Spirit of Summer: Beach, Sausage Party and Celebration.

405: the internet video.

Eat Crap: junk food.

Pinkman: a new hero.

Tungijuq: an Inuit meditation.

I Say Fever: monkeys!

Burn and Rise: Beautiful and yet so fragile.

Mon(s)tre: monster clock.

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[BEST OF] February 2010 Pt. 1

Hey, howdy! You’re here, now, while I don’t, so keep the place clean…
Nuit Blanche: wowzer.
Fast Relief: living cities.
Embrace Life: Always wear your seatbelt.
Eat Up Brain: eighty percent of this post will be lost in time, like tears in the rain.
A.D. Trailer: Zombies + The Unkle.
Les Sushis: an adventure of Roberto.
Her Morning Elegance: The Opposite Side [...]

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[BEST OF] October 2009 Pt.2

Jackson vs Bean: who’s bad?

Sans Gallagher the Younger: still life. Not!

“E agora nos?“: sooooooooo cube.

Wild Wind: game over.

Guerre Naive: forging ahead to be the first.

The Crown Jewel: Challenge your world!

Pico: generative arts.

Breathe: you think you’d wake in a house fire…

A Bicycle Trip: Albert Hofmann discovers LSD.

Stop Motion with Wolf and Pig: a wolf loves pork.

De 7 Hoofdzonden: the seven deadly sins.

Switch: the road to fortune.

Circus Zoetrope: created for Temperley London’s Spring 2010 collection.

Her Lion’s Jump: Fred, a lion, needs help to get home.

Dominoes: secondary effects.

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[BEST OF] October 2009 Pt.1

Here’s some of my last posts from the previous life of No Fat Clips!!! In the meanwhile, I got to do what I got to do…
Born in Captivity: twisted story of a twisted mind.
Weeds: the road to hell is paved with good intentions.
King Kong: meet Baby Kong.
Fruit of the Womb: pilot for Fruitless Efforts.
Song Without [...]

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[BEST OF] September 2009 Pt.2

Luv Deluxe: wicked world.
Vintage Porn Logos: why you think the net was born?
The Death Grind: gears.
Typophile Titles: five senses.
Electric Car: a tiny invention.
Sober: inside the madness.
Lest We Forger: a forgotten hero.
Nude Skydive: oh yeah!
Footprints: enemies of freedom.
Dead All Along: a magical kingdom.
Insert coin: Game over.
Big Pussy: scent of a woman.
King Rat: Heath Ledger’s legacy.
My Telatori: Imagination is more important than knowledge.
Magic Headphones: behind the scenes.
Chop Cup: twist your mind.
All Together Now: Olympic Games.
Do You: The Satanic Satanist.
Meteorite: shit happenZ.

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[BEST OF] September 2009 Pt.1

Dante’s Inferno: movie trailer.
Slash and Burn: Ashes and smoke.
Spaced Out: nice stunt.
An Eluardian Instance: Capital of what?
Albatross, Albatross, Albatross: Alba-what?
“Neurosonics Audiomedical Labs Inc.“: itch a scratch.
Panda Venture: wild and mysterious panda bears!
Piece: artistic creation.
Asteroids, a Love Story: universal love story.
Have you Seen my Sister Evelyn: conjoined twins.
City of Noise: different realities.
Patricia Borsch: a funkenmariechen story.
Westward Backwards: I want to break free.
Flea Circus: entertaining performance.

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[BEST OF] August 2009 Pt.2

The customary second part. One day I’ll post the second part first…
Enemies: conspiracy practice.
Chainsaw Maid: claymation splatter.
Juiced and Jazzed: hot jazz music overcomes Lulu.
God of Small Things: microcosms.
They Will Come to Town: stop global warming.
Gone Daddy Gone: what bugs you?
Hemlock: eternal youth. New Years: nature’s waking up
Sorry I’m Late: excuses.
Arjuna the Archer: Patta Chitra Katha.
EMET: [...]

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[BEST OF] August 2009 Pt.1

Greeting from yesterday! Here’s some of the things I’ll remember from this summer.
Red Rabbit: go out and touch the ladies!
Hidden Formula: the secret formula of Coca Cola.
Hitchhiker’s Choice: a classic.
Throw Me To The Rats: vaudevillian cardboard theatre.
Knight Fever: More than stayin’ alive.
Vague Millimeter: dreams.
Introducing Palace Players: new shapes.
Fake: uneasiness.
Do it Again: adventures of a tiny [...]

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[BEST OF] November 2008 – pt.2

We wish you a merry Christmasand a happy diarrhea.

All of me: video for Chris Chameleon.
Stop Pain: over and over again.
The Life and Death of a Pumpkin: an horror story for your Halloween nights.
Kobra Animation Montage: great work by Kristofer Ström.
Mr. Long Legs: not lies?
Northeastern: Impactist’s self-promo.
Grendizer Returns: Ufo Robo!
Bridge: short movie by Hillman Curtis.
Bring: Brave [...]

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[BEST OF] December 2007 – pt.2

Once again, you should have seen this coming. Also, I finally managed to log into meebo, so I’ll start answering your messages after this post goes live.
Acupuncture: that gotta hurt.
I’m Impressed: emperial robots.
Tactical Advantage: the higher, the better.
Replay: apocalypse then…
Look What You’ve Done: This fractal life.
Holiday Bokeh: best wishes. Ever…
Play on: got Shakespeare?
Kotori: what’s broken [...]

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[BEST OF] November 2007 – pt.2

You know the story…
Koop Island Blues: far from her heart, but not from her mind.
“Balloon, Mein Herr?”: A scene from Carol Reed’s The Third Man.
Cuisine: Twist and turn.
Little Red Riding Hood: Impossible is nothing.
Interview: Find your gift.
La femme papillon: a wordless fable.
All I Can: plastic toy soldiers with parachutes.
Social Network for Two: just me and [...]

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