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Meebo Malfunctions

The Meebo Me widget is working bad, if at all. I’m not getting messages, I don’t even see people online. (Even when nobody’s online, I should at least see me…)

I’m leaving it online for the support staff to test, but you’d better not use it. You can get in touch with me in dozens of other ways (Twitter, MySpace, Vimeo…) I’ve never used Twitter a lot, but I just installed Echofon, a Twitter client for Firefox, so feel free to tweet me.

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Facebook, Twitter and other modern calamities

To celebrate the appearance of my post about Ilta Sanomat’s spot on William Gibson’s Twitter, I’ve also created a No Fat Clips Twitter account. Just like Facebook, I don’t really know what to do with it, but… Abbundantis abbundandum!
And about Facebook: I’m receiving mail invitations with a link that, once opened, redirect to my own [...]

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