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SU2C: Homer Simpson Colonoscopy

This is my Sgt. Pepper’s!

“Homer Simpson’s fantastic voyage into his own colon.” It’s for a good cause. I guess.
On September 5th, three TV networks in the United States (ABC, NBC and CBS) “dedicated an hour of commercial free programming to broadcast the Stand Up 2 Cancer telethon”.
“Il fantastico viaggio di Homer Simpson nel suo colon.” [...]

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Moonlighting: Come Back Little Shiksa

Here’s a something special to make you forgive me the lack of updates, even tho’ it wasn’t my fault… I really used to love this series as a kid.
This five minute claymation sequence, realized by Will Vinton, is an excerpt from Come Back Little Shiksa, second episode of the fourth season.
It’s a dream sequence where [...]

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My peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen!!!

A bank teller lose the pen he does his work with. He sets off in a mad pursuit of the customer who pocketed it in order to have the tool back.
This is a skit from The Kids in the Hall, the TV show run some years ago by the Canadian comedy group with the [...]

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