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The Head

The Head is an animated phantasmagoria that reminds the golden era of hand drawn animation without being a direct homage to that style, but rather pursuing a style of its own.

The film is the work of Matias Vigliano AKA Parquerama and Dante Zaballa AKA Podoboo. Sound design: Ariel Gandolfo AKA Nicholas van Orton.

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If you’ve ever tried yourself at artistic creation, you might have had the feeling that your work was starting to get a life of its own, away from your hands.

Piece is a short stop animated movie, a collaboration between the Russian collective Self Burning, and artist Igor Skaletsky.

Drummer: Evgeniy Labich. His live performances were then arranged and mixed in one track. Sound design: Self Burning.

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Over Time

Over Time is an amazing short movie written, directed, animated and edited by three Supinfocom students: Oury Atlan, Thibaut Berland and Damien Ferrié. An obvious hommage to Jim Henson.

The songs in the soundtrack: Inconsolable by The Silberman Orchestra; Shien vi di l’vone and Eli Eli by Cyril Ornadel and the Starlight Symphony Orchestra.

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