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Terminus is a Latin word that literally means boundary stone…

Terminus is the story of a man (Rob Carpenter) who becomes aware of his inner demons, perhaps his limits, and the ones of the people surrounding. Too much for his mental health.
The director of this short film is Trevor Cawood, a promo director for Spy Films. [...]

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UPDATE: Tempbot won the Best Overall Film award at the AdCritic’s No Spot Festival.
Tempbot is an experimental robot, designed to perform ordinary office jobs (but with an efficiency inaccessible for men) and to act as well as a normal human beings, including the way he relates with the opposite sex. Obviously, things will go very [...]

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NEILL BLOMKAMP – Alive in Jorburg

We have nothing. Nothing.

This is perhaps the best science fiction movie of the last years.
Edited with a documentary style, Alive in Joburg narrates the story of the racial discrimination on the aliens in South Africa, an obvious reference to the apartheid.
Neill Blomkamp is a South African director, currently signed at Spy Films and Spy Entertainment [...]

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