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Terminus is a Latin word that literally means boundary stone…

Terminus is the story of a man (Rob Carpenter) who becomes aware of his inner demons, perhaps his limits, and the ones of the people surrounding. Too much for his mental health.
The director of this short film is Trevor Cawood, a promo director for Spy Films. [...]

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Halo: Combat, part 2

Finish the fight!

Here’s the second part of Halo: Combat (here’s the first one ) which is actually the third part of a trilogy. Again, Neil Blomkamp directed with Weta doing the visual effects. The movie premiered as a viral for some Discovery Channel website. Go figure…
Will post a better clip as soon as available. Send [...]

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Halo: Combat, part 1

Transmission Terminated.

Ka-boom! Neil Blomkamp and Weta will take us on a full immersion in the world of Halo.
This doesn’t seem to be a trailer for the game, and it shouldn’t be a scene from the movie.
Based on what I read online, my guess is that this series of short movies should serve as a showcase [...]

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