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Röyksopp’s Adventures in Barbieland

Svein Berge and Torbjørn Brundtland of Röyksopp, respectively as a sleeping hobo and an old man, spent some time in Barbieland, which is what you would expect to be Waylon Smithers’ house.

The video is a promotional vehicle for the launch on their next album, entitled Senior and scheduled in September. The director is Andreas Nilsson.

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Cartoon Network: Toy Soldier

A spot for Cartoon Network Latin America, produced and directed by Animatório. Computer Graphics Supervision: Paulo Pinho.

Director of Photography: Will Etchebehere. Animation: Alexandre Martins at Vetor Zero. Audio: Soap Box.

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Zune Arts: Moodbot

The short film has been directed by Rob Shaw and produced by Jenny Grayson at Bent Director of Photography: Dan Ackerman. Lead Animator: Jeff Riley. Art Director: Rebecca Stillman.

The song is Dirty Laundry by Bitter:Sweet. Creative agency: 72 and Sunny.

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Turin Brakes – Sea Change

And at the end of the day, all that’s left is ashes and an empty bed.

Turin Brakes are a modern folk duo, comprising Olly Knights and Gale Paridjanian, hailing from Balham, London.

Sea Change in the first single off their newest album, entitled Outbursts and just released for Cooking Vinyl CD.

The music video has been directed by Harry Dwyer and produced at 2AM Films.

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Darbo: Coin Operated Boy

Again: spot directed by Tracey Rowe and produced at Robber’s Dog. Creative agency: Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann.

The spot reprises the musical theme from Kiss, last year spot: Coin Operated Boy by The Dresden Dolls.

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Wolksvagen Touran: Ghost Train

Finalement, c’est bon d’être père.


This commercial will try and fool you into believing that there’s something good about becoming a father. I’m not very persuaded though…
The spot was directed by H5 and produced at Addict Film for RSA. Sound design: Kouz. Creat. agency: Agence.V. for DDB Paris.
3D graphics done at Mikros by a team comprising [...]

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Plastic Hut

If the hut’s a-rockin’ don’t come a-knockin’!

Inga and Greta are a-giving an (educational) party in the (educational) plastic hut, and everybody’s a-coming.
“This spoof was inspired by the silly and inexpensive toy of its namesake. Its retro packaging said: funny and educational toy.”
Director Ryan McFaul “decided to put these claims to the test. A week later, [...]

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Daft Punk vs. Adam Freeland – Aer-Obama

HD Video available in the underneath links. (Highly recommended!)

Can you spell Obama? You are correct! Ah, the good old times of Speak & Spell…
“A mixed-media stop motion music video celebration, commemorating the election and inauguration of Barack Obama as the 44th president of these United States.”
Directed by GOLD, produced at Green Dot Films and showcasing [...]

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O2: Connections

We’re better, connected.

“A panoramic journey through six magical locations reveals a myriad of surreal connections in this whimsical spot.”
Directed by Mathew Cullen and Grady Hall and produced at Motion Theory and Rokkit. Visual effects supervisor: Nick Losq. Editor: Colin Woods.
Director of photography: Jack Green. Music: Massive Music. Creative agency: VCCP UK. Creative director: Rooney [...]

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PETER WALLACH – Santa Goes South

Come with us now to the South Pole!

“In a desolate castle in the South Pole lurks Santastein, keeper of an industrial shop of horrors.” This is the story of how he turned into Santa Claws…
“Animation and live-action producer Peter Wallach brings this demented and sexually repressed Santa to life using both humor and horror.” (Source: [...]

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Rotofugi: The Collectors

Rad Überdouche

The toys by Rotofugi are so awesome that they collect human being themselves.
Spot directed by Acne and produced by RSA Films and Screen Novelties for creative agency Country Club Chicago.
Stop animation by Screen Novelties (previously here: Graveyard Jamboree). Director of photography: Raplh Kaechele.
The spot has just been nominated for an Annie Award, clearly in [...]

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RON GERVAIS – Mr. Potato Dead

Mr. Potato Head is a popular children’s toy, first sold in 1952 by Hasbro.

Where a classic toy meet a disgraceful tragic end in a kind of deconstructivist manner…
The short movie has been directed and edited by Ron Gervais and produced at Iamstatic and Electric Company.
Additional credits: David Greene worked on 3D animation and modeling. Randy [...]

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CLOCKS – All I Can

I’m doing all I can.

They got three thousands of plastic toy soldiers, gave them a little parachutes, put all of them in a plane, and dropped onto a big target! Very appealing for both my inner child and my outer child…
The Clocks are Tom Hewitt, Ed Hilliam, Rich Farris, John Ricketts. The band have recorded [...]

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