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August Burns Red – Marianas Trench

August Burns Red is an American metalcore band from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Marianas Trench is a song from their album Constellation, released for Solid State Records. The music video has been directed by Robby Starbuck. Animation and editing by Tobias Stretch.

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Brian Goss – Gig

Gig is a song featured on The Firing Line, the latest album by American folk singer Brian Goss. The music video is the masterful (as always) work of Tobias Stretch with co-director Dawn Cardinale.

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The Orange Strips – Song Without A Hero

In the night, two lost creatures, searching for something. They will find each other.

The Orange Strips is a Croatian band, from Labin. Members are Valdet Luboteni, Borjan Batagelj, Tedi Mirkovic, Vedran Gergoric, Goran Nalic and Goran Brezac. Song without a Hero is a single taken from their album Follow LP.

The music video, starring Ali DelVacchio and Caleb Ransom as the creatures, is the work of Tobias Stretch.

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Oh, Rabbit – Spiders

A car ride would hardly get weirder that this…
Oh, Rabbit is Sean Moser, Taylor Lisney, Mike Dziedzic and Steve Reenock. No, there’s no Elliott Smith…
You can download all the songs from their album Rabbit, Oh Rabbit on (note that the link points to an RSS feed!) I guess I’ll put some in my MP3 [...]

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Efterklang – Illuminant

Before Transmutation, his winning music video for Radiohead’s Weird Fishes, Tobias Stretch used the same technique in this equally astonishing piece of work.
Illuminant can be found on Efterklang’s second album entitled Parades and released on October 2007 for Rumraket and The Leaf Label.
Prima di Transmutation, il suo vincente video per Weird Fishes dei Radiohead, [...]

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Radiohead – Weird Fishes/Arpeggi (Transmutation)

I hit the bottom and escape.

This must be one of the weirdest things ever. I know I say this a little too often, but…
The music video has been directed by Tobias Stretch and it’s one out of four winners of the In Rainbows Music Video Contest held at Aniboom.
Weird Fishes/Arpeggi, originally known as Arpeggi, is [...]

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