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CHRISTEN BACH – Spiders: Episode 4

Distancen bliver stadigt større imellem rig fattig.

The distance between the rich and the poor is increasing. And the society is sinking like the Titanic.
The fourth in a series of 13 short videos made by Danish artist Christen Bach.
La distanza fra il ricco ed il povero è in aumento. E la società affonda un po’ come [...]

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Levis 501

The history of the jeans in pop culture, from King Kond to James Bond, with lots of blood, and some ketchup. A dangerous story, isn’t it?
Images: Lobo. Sound: Paulo Beto.
La storia dei jeans nella cultura pop, da King Kong a James Bond, con mucchi di sangue ed un po’ di ketchup. Una storia pericolosa, [...]

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