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RADIOHEAD – Go to Sleep

I’m gonna go to sleepLet this washAll over me.

The clip is set in a fictional town square. “As the track builds up, the location begins to dramatically transform. One by one, the buildings surrounding the square begin to self destruct and turn into rubble. Oblivious to this, the crowds of people continue to go [...]

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THOM YORKE – Harrowdown Hill

It was a slippery slippery slippery slopeI feel me slipping in and out of consciousness.

The tilt shift technique is used by some photographers to make a real scene looks like a minuature. Look at the work of Olivo Barbieri, for instance.
This video, directed by Chel White, uses this trick on moving images featuring scenes of [...]

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Just saw again the video for the Mike Ronson’s cover of Just linked here, and I thought it’s time to post the video to the original song. Why? Well, why not?
In this clip, that reminds me of some short story by H.P. Lovecraft, a guy suddenly decide to fall to the ground and lie in [...]

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