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Dunkelziffer e.V.: Tentacles

If sexually abused children never get help,they never outgrow their trauma.

This will make you feel quite uncomfortable. A very powerful way to represent the matter, light years away from the corny commercials I see on TV.
The spot has been directed by The Vìkings and produced by Luke Jacobs at Rokkit.
Director of Photography: Sam Brown. Editor: [...]

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The Ramp

The Sacred Ramp is a test for our village.A test from Above.

Let’s say you’re a German car manifacturer, and you need to launch your new car on the American market. What do you need? Well, a pair of wings, and a huge ramp!
The Ramp is supposedly a documentary by Jeff Schultz, produced at Bite the [...]

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Epuron: Potential

His Potential is Ours.

Some weird guy from some freak show finds his place in the world, and a way to be useful to the society.
The spot, winner of a Golden Lion at Cannes Lions 2007, has been realized by The Vikings (Bjoern Ruehmann and Joakim Reveman) at Paranoid US, previously here with their work for [...]

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