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SU2C: Homer Simpson Colonoscopy

This is my Sgt. Pepper’s!

“Homer Simpson’s fantastic voyage into his own colon.” It’s for a good cause. I guess.
On September 5th, three TV networks in the United States (ABC, NBC and CBS) “dedicated an hour of commercial free programming to broadcast the Stand Up 2 Cancer telethon”.
“Il fantastico viaggio di Homer Simpson nel suo colon.” [...]

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The Simpsons Game: Big Super Happy Fun Fun

Are you ready?

I don’t like the cel shading too much, but the trailers for the upcoming game about The Simpsons, and this particularly, are too funny to be left out from here.
Don’t know anything about the production of this clip. Will add details when available.
Non mi piace troppo il cel shading, ma i trailer per [...]

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Simpsonize Me: World Domination

Aliens have all the fun!

Well, today the Simpsons Movie is released in Italy, so I’m taking advantage of this to post the only Simpsons related material I can show up here without putting my life in danger.
The video promotes a partnership between Burger King and the Simpsons Movie, and the related Simpsonize Me website.
The spot [...]

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