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The Enright House: Scattering the Sun Like Gunshot

I’m too tired and sleepy to write something meaningful, but I got to post this video…
The Enright House has been hour guest last year with the video for Darkwave Equals MC Squared.
Directed by Daniel Batkin-Smith, this new music video is very different (there’s no narrative, just images) but equally beautiful.
Troppo stanco ed assonnato per [...]

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Darkwave Equals MC Squared

E2 = m2c4 + p2c2.

A music video for The Enright House, mixing stop animation, computer graphics, a moody black and white photography, good editing, nice visuals. What else do you need?
The Enright House is Mark Roberts, Simon Gemmill, Evan Schaare, Thomas Lambert. Their name is a reference to Any Rand’s novel The Fountainhead.
Darkwave = MC [...]

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