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TERRI TIMELY – Synesthesia

Manhattan Club Mushrooms.

How does it taste the sound of a color? How many vowels are there in the smell of a solid shape?
These, and many other questions, will not find an answer in this awesome short film by Terri Timely.
Cast: Pearl Wong, Larry Kitagawa, Jordan Gimkan. Production manager: Alex Beckman.
Director of photography: Donovan Sell. Art [...]

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It’s the Wiil of emotions…
Hard to explain the film in words. It must be seen and appreciated, which hopefully should be an easy game.
A short film directed by Terri Timely (that is Corey Creasey and Ian Kibbey).
Cast: Geoff Hasbrook is Cecil; Patricia Callas is his mother; Ivan Spane is Victor; Dorothy Endow is the nurse.
Director [...]

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Laura Veirs – Galaxies

Gravity is dead you see

Loving is like dreaming. Sometimes you wake up all wet.
Laura Veirs is an American singer and songwriter. Galaxies is on featured her 2005 album entitled Year of Meteors.
The music video has been directed by Terri Timely, that is Corey Creasey and Ian Kibbey.
Amare è come sognare. A volte ti svegli tutto [...]

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THE LITTLE ONES – Ordinary Song

Ordinary songI loved to sing along with you

While perfect strangers, the people in this video is brought together by listening to the same song on the radio.
The Little Ones is an indie pop band based in Los Angeles, California. Band members: Edward Nolan Reyes, Brian Reyes, Ian Moreno, Lee LaDouceur. (Source: Wikipedia)
Ordinary Song will be [...]

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AIR TRAFFIC – Shooting Star

Don’t you know who you areyou’re my shooting star.

A nice variation on slow motion videos with stuff flying around: a slow motion video with stuff flying around defying the law of gravity…
Air Traffic are an English indie rock band from Bournemouth, comprised of: Chris Wall, David Jordan, Jim Maddock and Tom Pritchard. (Source: Wikipedia)
Shooting Star [...]

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