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Volkswagen Touran: The Scream

The spot has been directed by Woof Wan Bau and produced at Nexus and Les Telecreateurs. Editor: Paul Hardcastle at Trim Editing. Director of Photography: Sebastian Milaszewski.

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SNCF: Les idées

At SNCF the ideas are taken care of so they grow and become very big when they leave. That is the spirit of this film. Spot directed by Stylewar and produced at Les Telecreateurs. Creative agency: TBWA. Post Production: Swiss.

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Le Grand Mix: Neo Folk

Folk, ou: comment disséquer l’être humain avec un simple micro.
Not Safe For Work (Non adatto al posto di lavoro.)

Folk, or: how to dissect human beings with a simple microphone.
The spot is part of a campaign for the French radio Nova from creative agency Young & Rubicam, Paris. A click will show you the whole series [...]

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Sun Flowers: Couple

Non c’è più la mezza stagione…

The car that broadens your mind…
One out of three spots made by Stylewar for the Renault Twingo. Produced at Les Télécreateurs. Creative agency: Publicis. Visual effects: Swiss.
In the same campaign: Petale, Polo.
L’auto che ti allarga la mente…
Uno di tre spot diretti da Stylewar per la Renault Twingo. Produzione: Les Télécreateurs. [...]

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Canalsat: Office Rugby

Things are going to slideSlide out of control.

A courier is having a hard time delivering a package while everybody in the office seems to be a rugby fan and practicer.
The spot has been directed by Barcelo at Les Télécréateurs Creative agency: Euro RSCG.
Soundtrack: Open Book by The Rakes.
Un corriere ha vita difficile nel consegnare un [...]

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