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AT&T: Beat City

Well I request you be my friendWe’ll spend some time taking drugs.

Apparently, new generation music players will let you change clothes, hair and demeanor at your will.
The spot has been directed by Alan Bibby and produced at Stardust. Edited by Andrew Borin.
Creative agency: BBDO, New York. Creative directors: Susan Credle, Darren Wright, David Skinner, Patrick [...]

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Vodafone: Cartwheel (Turning Time)

Make the most of now.

Were you listening to me, folks? Or were you looking at the woman in the red dress?
The spot has been directed by Ringan Ledwidge and produced by Sally Humphries at Rattling Stick.
Creative agency: BBH, London. Creative Director: Nick Gill. Agency Producer: Davud Karbassioun.
Director of Photography was Franz Lustig. Edited by Richard [...]

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Orange: Rewind

What if…

Time changes its rules thanks to people of good will. Must add that the first time I saw the commercial, I was disappointed to find out what it actually was for.
The spot was directed by Ringan Ledwidge and produced by Sally Humphries at Rattling Stick and by Nancy Gabriel at Wanda.
Creative agency: Publicis, [...]

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Orange: Fish


Where the fish eventually leaves the bowl and discover the immensity of the oceans.
Antoine Bardou-Jacquet also directed this spot, produced at Partizan. Creative agency: Marcel, Paris. Visual effects: BUF.
Nel quale il pesce, infine, lascia la sua boccia e scopre la vastità degli oceani.
Antoine Bardou-Jacquet è anche il regista di [...]

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PERSONAL: Segui pensando

Keep thinking.

A phone call with a girl is getting longer and longer,while she tries to make her mind. The guy enjoy, though.
The spot has been directed by Lemon at Rebolucion for creative agency Draft FCB.
Director of photography: Christian Cottet. Art director: Vera Aricó. Editor: Patricio Pena.
Post produced at Metrovision. Music by Supercharango.
Una telefonata ad una [...]

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Virgin: Todd`s Life

Get what you want!

Todd is escaping from his prepackaged life, made up of plastic action figures.
This spot for the Australian market has been directed by Hamish Rothwell at Good Oil Films for creative agency Cummins and Partners.
Director of photography: Jac Fitzgerald. Visual effects by Fuel.
Sound design by Nylon Studios. The song is Operator Please’s Get [...]

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Orange: Hide N Seek

A commercial produced at Indipendent and directed by PES. Editing by Tim Fullford at Cut + Run, post production made at The Moving Picture Company. Animators: Brian Demoskoff and Tim Allen.
After having delighted us with retro gaming, PES offers us a glance at secret habits of the socks. Yes. They actually plays hide and seek! [...]

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Vodafone: Work and Play

No TV and no beer make Homer something something.

An office desk and a foosball table do battle in the latest from Dougal Wilson.
Una scrivania ed un biliardino si danno battaglia nell’ultimo di Dougal Wilson.

via Kamigurumi

DOWNLOAD: Scarica Work and Play.[Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 10 MB - Running Time: 1 min.]
WATCH (LOW Q.): Guarda Work and Play [...]

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