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Jan Saudek. Animated Photographs.

Warning: nudity

Short experimental movie about love, betrayal, death, an animated film created by Tadas Svilainis using photos by Jan Saudek.
“I scanned stills from photo album, cut images into layers with Photoshop and animate them in After Effects”, the author said.
If the concept of animated photographs doesn’t satisfy your daily need for oxymora, well… what about [...]

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γενηθήτω φώς

According to Plato’s Timaeus, the demiurge is “the entity who fashioned and shaped the material world… unreservedly benevolent and hence desirous of a world as good as possible.”
Also, Demiurge is a short 3D experimental film about artistic creativity process, which starts from abstract sketches in one own’s mind and comes up to the final [...]

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Birth. Life. Death.

HD Video available in the underneath links.Warning: nudity!

It doesn’t matter if you get the meaning of life or not. You’re going to live nonetheless. Same goes for death.
But when social norms take the place of identity, is that still life what you got there?
And, by the way: why do I always catch with these silly [...]

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