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Consumerism! The Musical

Let’s sing and dance with this short film from our regular guests from Whitestone Motion Pictures, “a satire and celebration of the culture we live in.”

It’s funny how you can at the same time empathize and feel aversion towards the main character. Kind of how I feel at myself usually.

Consumerism! The Musical was directed by Brandon McCormick. Music by Nick Kirk and Billy Wilkerson. Starring: Justin Carter.

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A dragon set the village on fire only to lure the knight out of his castle in order to steal his most precious treasure.
Knight Fever is a short movie written, directed and animated by Christopher Minos. Produced by Jo-ann Cook at Crush, Toronto.
Additional Story: Stefan Woronko and Gary Thomas at Crush. Music and Sound Design: [...]

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Star Wars – The Old Republic: Deceived

You have been deceived.

The Sacking of Coruscant “was the crowning achievement of the Sith Empire’s ambitious military strategy and the moment that changed the history of the Old Republic forever.”
“Under the command of Lord Angral, the Sith fleet approaches the Republic’s capital planet for the first time in centuries. In advance of the fleet, the [...]

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Whiskey Business – Whiskey Jesus

Lord Jesus Christ was pissed!

A couple of drunkards find themselves in the desert in the company of someone quite popular son of God who’s angry at them. Old Testament chaos ensues.
Clyde and Clem’s Whiskey Business is the bluegrass duo of Clyde Clowe and Clem Cowan, joined by some friend of them.
The music video has been [...]

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Chris Dane Owens – Shine on Me

Love has enemies

Ludicrously hot chicks. Ludicrous sword duels. Ludicrous explosions. Not to speak of the haircut. I want more!
Chris Dane Owens is… uh, the owner of the haircut. Shine on me is featured on his album, Blue Stone.
The music video has been directed by Robert Short, who won an Academy Award for his work on [...]

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[REPOST] World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King

HD Video available in the underneath links.

“The Lich King was an entity created by Kil’jaeden the Deceiver from the spirit of the orcish shaman Ner’zhul. Initially trapped within the Frozen Throne, the Lich King eventually merged with the human Arthas Menethil. He is the creator of the Scourge and rules over it telepathically from his [...]

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RAY TINTORI – Jettison your Loved Ones

It’s a scientific fact that 97% of all humansfeel trapped and paralyzed by their lives.

Sam (Max Goldblatt), a man addicted to faking his own death, strives for glory while his abandoned son Paul (Jeff Delauter), a boxer who thinks he’s from the future, falls in love with his half-sister Elizabeth (Elizabeth Behl), the world’s greatest [...]

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Darksiders: Wrath of War

War is coming

Some space rubbish hit the Earth, carrying demons, angels and War, one of the horsemen of the apocalypse.
The cinematic intro for Darksiders, a game developed by Vigil Games, a division of THQ.
No idea who made this, sorry.
Spazzatura spaziale colpisce la Terra, portandosi dietro angeli, demoni e Guerra, il cavaliere dell’apocalisse.
Sequenza d’introduzione per Darksiders, [...]

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Kemonozume: hajime no aji

nante itazurano meido no kimi wakonna hibi ja maigo ni natte shimauasamo hirumo yorumo itsudemosarawareteku.

Two brothers are facing to determine the fate of the family dojo. A monkey just wants to get his peach back. Chaos ensues.
So, this is how Toshihiko Momota, who devoted his whole life to hunting and killing human eating monsters (Shokujinki), [...]

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Final Fantasy Versus XIII: Trailer 2

This is a fantasy based on reality.

Fabula Nova Crystallis, that is the thirteenth episode of Final Fantasy, will comprise several games, loosely bounded each other.
One of them is Final Fantasy Versus XIII, which announces itself as… well, the emo-est game ever made. I must admit that I had fantasies just like that.
Director: Takeshi Nozue. Composer: [...]

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