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The moon shines in my body, but my blind eyes cannot see it…The musk is in the deer,but it seeks it not within itself: it wanders in quest of grass.

I run as a musk-deer runsin the shadow of the forestmad with his own perfume.The night is the night of mid-May,the breeze is the breeze [...]

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KITTY LIN – The Sky Bar

If you believe in reincarnation, this is what your next life will look like: shaken, not stirred!
This delicious short movie is the work of Kitty Lin, a student of the School of Visual Arts in New York.
The soundtrack is Bartender Angel, as sung by Mavis Fan, a Taiwanese pop singer. According to this website, the [...]

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KUN-I CHANG – Fission


My telco is upgrading the net from mechanical gears to vacuum tubes, so my connection is unstable. The next posts were supposed to be here yesterday…
Like a dream within a dream, a man is arguing with his alter ego in the murales. The film uses captivating motion graphics (notice how the style continuosly change passing [...]

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MARTIN BOKSAR – Midnight Hour

A child wake up in the middle of the night, when a strange and powerful light comes from the doors of his closet.
A little nice short movie, thesis film of Martin Boksar at the New York School of Visual Arts.
Martin Boksar works as texture artist includes: Persistence of Memory, Lego Star Wars, the Ruby series [...]

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