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Fuckhead – Ignorant

Most other cultures revere androgynous characters and people who are different — fools, midgets, nuts — as god-like. In this culture, these people could only find a place in a carnival, but then that faded out of vogue.

Fuckhead is a band from Linz, Austria. The music video for Ignorant has been directed by Martin Koch.

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Nikon Eyes: artificially cultivated eyes that can be
transplanted to replace (or repair) your original pair.

An exploration of the “aesthetic archetypes of cyberpunk with the backdrop of a large, sprawling metropolis, neon, smoke and the reconfiguration of the human body through machines.”
Using the same style and the same cast (Kim Min) from the later Simulacra, [...]

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Simulacra is a “futuristic imagining of narcissistic duplication by industrial means”, short film by Violet Suk and Martin Koch.

The film was presented at Tekko 2003 exhibition as their interpretation of the theme Future Beautiful.

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Redbull X13: The Can (Motus Lux Lucis)

Light Motion

“The Redbull can and its contents get deconstructed through rhythmic, layered juxtaposition of images by utilizing mirrors, moving lights, macro photography and layered sound design.”
Directed and design by Violet Suk and Martin Koch, also known as Violet X Martin or Suk and Koch. Director of photography: Martin Koch.
They were commissioned to create a 90 [...]

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