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Tiger Beer: Taste it in this life

The spot has been directed by Jesse Warn and produced by Jack St. Rose at Film Construction.

Creatives: Mike O’Sullivan, Jay Benjamin, Andy DiLallo, Cameron Harris, Tom Hazeldine and Toby Talbot at Saatchi and Saatchi.

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The Lady and the Reaper (La dama y la muerte)

This funny short film deals with “an elderly woman’s life and death struggle, as she finds herself pitted in the middle of an egotistical battle between the grim reaper and a young doctor determined to keep her alive by any means necessary.”

The film has been written and directed by Javier Recio Gracia and produced at Kandor Moon.

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Giraffes and Laughs and Feelings and Things

“A kiss and a traffic accident thrust Calum (Ashley Cook) and Lucy (Zahra Browne), both twenty-something and “just good friends”, into a strange limbo constructed entirely from their own memories.”

A short film written and directed by Matt Strachan and produced by Gemma Mitchell at The Room. Director of photography: Todd Kleparski. Editor: Zoran Trajkovic. Soundtrack: Cellophane by Aaron Smith; Freejazz by The Envelopes.

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…the answer is blowin’ in the wind.


Here dead we lieBecause we did not chooseTo live and shame the landFrom which we sprung.
Life, to be sure,Is nothing much to lose,But young men think it is,And we were young.
(A. E. Housman)
“The story is about the unexpected meeting between a yellow shirt sailor (responsible for aircraft movement) and [...]

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e lei, tutto ad un tratto non parlava…


When a little girl finds a doll house in the garbage and asks her daddy to bring it home, the robot living in the toy has his stroke of luck. Or ain’t he?
Little Big Love is a short movie written, directed and animated by Tomas Mankovsky, who also [...]

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Jan Saudek. Animated Photographs.

Warning: nudity

Short experimental movie about love, betrayal, death, an animated film created by Tadas Svilainis using photos by Jan Saudek.
“I scanned stills from photo album, cut images into layers with Photoshop and animate them in After Effects”, the author said.
If the concept of animated photographs doesn’t satisfy your daily need for oxymora, well… what about [...]

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Lobo Gris – Vendaval

Desperté y encontre un hoyo azul,un ave de pie…

“Light and speed that never find each other through time…” That’s when you’re peeking into life from outside.
Music and images by Gustavo de la Torre Casal AKA Lobo Gris. Produced by En Teoría.
“Luce e velocità che non si incontrano mai nel tempo…” Ciò che accade quando si [...]

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Herringbone: Small Hands

Distinguished by details.

Due to a rare congenital condition, Henri is born with tiny hands. He’ll struggle to find a purpose in life.
The spot has been directed by Garth Davis and produced by Karen Sproul at Exit Films.
Director of photography: Greig Fraser. Editor: Jack Hutchings at The Butchery. Music and sound design: Nylon Studios.
Post production: Fin [...]

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Walter Robot: Merry Christmas

Dear Santa,you suk jerkno X-BOX!!!

Walter Robot has instructed Christopher Louie and Bill Barminski to send you this holiday card.
Walter Robot ha dato istruzioni affinché Christopher Louie e Bill Barminski vi mandassero questa cartolina di auguri.

DOWNLOAD (HI RES): Scarica Walter Robot Xmas 2008.[Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 29 MB - Running Time: 2 min.]
DOWNLOAD (ALT.): Scarica Walter [...]

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Made in YU: Main Titles

Cell animated title sequence for Made in Yu, a feature film directed by Miko Lazić.
It’s the work of Armin Osmancevic and Niklas Rissler at Swedish studio Werk.
“The aim was to tell a story about what happened before the events in the film, which revolve around a former Yugoslavian family that came to Sweden in [...]

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Quercus: Global Warming

Aquecimento global: se nós desistirmos, eles desistem.

A short spot that you may find brutal or hilarious, depending on how twisted is your mind.
Directed by Flavio Mac at Seagulls Fly. Creative agency: McCann Erickson Portugal.
Un breve spot che potreste trovare brutale o divertente, a seconda di quanto siete fuori di melone.
Diretto da Flavio Mac presso Seagulls [...]

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Mini Clubman: Bzzzz

Between life and deathhe chose death…

“At a fly funeral, a fly priest is holding an emotional sermon about the life and death of Zac, a member of the fly community.” He has just had the best death that any fly could wish for…
A viral spot directed by Micky and Warwick and produced at Big Fish. [...]

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Warning: not safe for work(but you should really watch this…)

“May is a month of Spring, when the flowers flood the landscapes, the insects reproduce and the sun shines on a new cycle of the life. In this context is set Maig, a story of love that goes beyond the people who lived it.”
A short movie [...]

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GEOFFROY BARBET MASSIN – La chute de l`ange

All you need is love…

An angel, carrying a suitcase full of mysterious vials, falls on earth. A man finds the suitcase and the fallen angel. He’ll try to bring the celestial creature back to life with the stuff found in the suitcase. But… Which one is the good one? Or does he just need some… [...]

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