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Canon: Freeze Tag

The cool spot has been directed by Saman Keshavarz. Producers: Romson Niega and Tom Lee. Associate Producers: Francis Pollara and Nate Eggert.

Cinematographer: Don Burton. Editor: Nate Tam. Visual Effects: John Carey.

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Freeze Tag: Behind The Scenes

The featurette shows the actual footage shoot and the composition work, as well as some funny moments.

It’s been produced by Francis Pollara. Footage shot by Josh Patterson. Editor: Nate Tam. Typography: Cosimo Galluzzi.

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Coke Zero: Happy Kingdom

Happy Kingdom is a spot for Coke directed by Pete Candeland and produced by Debbie Crosscup at Passion.

Creative agency: Ogilvy Argentina. Creatives: Gastón Bigio, Jonathan Gurvit, Javier Mentasti, Christian Camean.

Crew at Passion: Jason Nicholas, Neil Riley, Julian Hodgson, Mario Ucci, Doug Lassance, Kevin Dart and many more…

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HP: Flea Circus

Nothing seems to be going right for this band of merry fleas, but their mishaps create a far more entertaining performance.

The spot for HP’s Wobulation has been directed by David Daniels, Jim Clark, Ray Di Carlo at Bent.

While the fleas were all created and animated in computer graphics, the set and props are entirely real: designed using similar computer graphic tools, they were then printed using a 3D printer

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Honda Odyssey: Van Stunts

The van’s still rockin’

Memorable footage of cool vans from 1980s TV and movies is mixed with new footage in this new commercial for Honda vans.
The spot has been directed by Jonathan Wu at Stardust Studios via Darnell Works.
Director of photography: Pat Notaro. Editor: Michael Merkwan. Executive producer: Paul Abatemarco. Producer: Josh Libitsky.
Creative agency: RPA, Santa [...]

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Vespa: Jump

This not built for jumping.This built for love

In this peculiar mix of animation and live action, we learn a good idea and a bad idea for things to do on a Vespa.
Animation and shooting were produced at Crush Inc, Toronto. Director: Sean Cochrane. Director of photography: John Lindsay.
Editor: Mark Paiva at School Editing. Music and [...]

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Rock Band: Highway Star

Here’s a fast paced, high octane, road tour realized as the opening cinematic for Rock Band, the follow up to Guitar Hero. Featuring Deep Purple’s Highway Star.

The animation has been realized by Pete Candeland with Anna Lord at Passion Pictures. Artistic direction by Ryan Lesser at Harmonix.

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Farmer`s: Commute

Sanity makes a comeback.

Surviving a car accident it’s not just a matter of the moment. The aftermaths need adaptation to the environment, or a good insurance. If you can afford it.
The spot has been directed by Noam Murro at Biscuit Filmworks for creative agency Campbell Ewald. Visual effects by Animal Logic.
Same campaign, from the same [...]

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Pursuit ACross Europe

This video is part of an online campaign for BMW, featuring an online game called PACE. The game, technically excellent, is just a bad clone of Turbo Out Run. But the video is pretty good.
It has been realized by German studio Electric Umbrella, for the creative agency Interone.
Il video è parte di una [...]

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