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Iron Baby is a short film by Patrick Boivin starring his little daughter Marguerite as a sized down but yet powerful version of Iron Man.

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The Future of Air Travel

The short film was made for Phylactère Cola, a TV show that aired between 2001 and 2003 in Canada.

The authors: Daniel Boulanger, Yves Baril, Steve Landry, Edouard Tremblay, Martin Giraldeau, Francis Lauzon, Éric Pfalzgraf, Patrick Boivin, Jocelyn Simard AKA Strob.

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PATRICK BOIVIN – Jackson vs Bean

The short film has been masterfully animated by Patrick Boivin. Could you imagine Transformers 3 entirely in stop animation and directed by this guy?

The missile visual effects is the work of Strob. The song is Cause is the way by DJ4Joy.

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