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eFTe radzi: Nothing is Disposal

Poużywaj sobie, raz nie wystarczy

If Travis Bickle was to live today, he’d be a recycling geek. And would get the girls.
Se Travis Bickle vivesse oggi, sarebbe un nerd del riciclaggio. E cuccherebbe.

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Una sonrisa puede todo.

Commercial directed by Diego Kaplan for Coke. The song is When you’re Smiling, sung by Louis Prima.
Somewhat similar to the Steel Teeth one.
Spot diretto da Diego Kaplan per Coca Cola. La canzone è When you’re Smiling, cantata da Louis Prima.
Simile in qualche modo a Steel Teeth.

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Steel Teeth

Open for Fun!

A new commercial for Tuborg.
The ad tells the story of Steel Teeth, a guy with a 36-teethed steel smile, with the “gift” of being able to open beer bottles using only his teeths. While at his work, Steel Teeth is noticed by a talent scout that suddenly makes a star out of him. [...]

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