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Soviet Union, the year is 1967. A space mission is about to start; a foreign spy is there to make it not happen; and an awkward scientist is about to save the day. Or not?

Zoudov is a short animated film made by three students of Supinfocom: Clement Bolla, Aurélia Vernhes, Laurent Gillot.

The music came from the soundtrack (composed by Jonh Barry) for two James Bond films: From Russia with Love and Goldfinger.

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Unboxing the Animals

A short video documenting the moments before the shooting of the video for Minilogue’s Animals, when the actors arrived on the set…

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Mestre Film Fest: Kids for Kids

The video is a special project of the fifth grader kids of the Primaria Marconi di Roncaglia, directed by Raffaella Traniello.

Il cinema fatto dai bambini (Cinema made by kids) is a special section of the Mestre Film Fest, featuring, well, films made by kids.

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Palm Springs International Film Festival 2009: Intro

The opener for the PSIF Short Fest 2009 has been directed by Justin Weber and produced by Danny Robashkin and Oren Robashkin at Make.

The video mixes live-action with 2D animation, 3D animation, stop motion and after effects animation.

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Office Max: Life is Beautiful

Work can be too.

And the moral is: life is as beautiful as work. Or, at least, that’s what I was able to work out of it. Oh, and rubber band balls are cool. Especially those which grow on trees.
The spot was directed by Ben Go and produced by Jennifer Sofio at Brand New School, Los [...]

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EGOR ABRAMENKO – The Collector

Murder Death Kill!

Jars are useful tools to take care of your collection. That is, until your specimens become too big.
The Collector is a short film by Egor Abramenko. Produced By Egor Abramenko and Maksim Rojkov at Cinex Film.
Cast: Yaroslav Zhalnin, Natalia Rusinova, Anna Zariankina, Anton Sorokin, Andrey Bogdanov.
Director of photography: Michail Kelim. Music by Ivan [...]

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The Terrordactyls – Devices

You and I are meant for each other…

Just some plain funny (and cheesy, but in a good way) stop motion animation for your sheer enjoyment.The Terrordactyls are Michael Cadiz and Tyrel Stendahl. Michael was born in Baltimore, Maryland. Tyrel is from Tukwila, Washington.
Michael and Tyrel are also the authors of the video. The female voice [...]

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AMY M. PETERS – Corporate Whore

Toss me out the window,so while I’m downstairsI’ll be sure to pick upyour coffee:milk, two sugars.

Just been an hour at the phone with an old friend, sharing depressing chit chatting about the work as a programmer, which give me occasion to post this short movie.
Corporate Whore has been written, directed and produced by A. M. [...]

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