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Alfa Romeo Mito: Space Invaders

The spot is a nice way to show how the car saves on fuel and reduces pollution. Even though it could also be used to show the exact opposite…

Produced by Stefania Odero at Buddy Film and directed by Alex & Steffen, via Spy Films. Post production: Unexpected. Music by Flavio Ibba. Creative agency: Saffirio Tortelli Vigoriti.

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Snickers: Tag

HD Video available in the underneath links

Bio-mechanical animals hunt each other thru the streets of Toronto in the 4th installment of this series of ads.
The spot has been directed by Alex & Steffen and produced at Spy Films. Post produced at Unexpected GMBH.
Director of photography: Maher Maleh. Music and sound design: Supreme. Creative agency: BBDO, [...]

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Woodhands – I Wasn`t Made for Fighting

I wanna do it one more time

Adventures in spacetime…
The Woodhands are Dan Werb, Paul Banwatt and Roger Leavens. I Wasnt Made for Fighting is featured on Heart Attack.
The music video has been designed and directed by Asif Mian and produced by Rich Hutchins at Spy Films. Art director: Danny Kelley.
Post produced at Evaq. Edited by [...]

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Sam Roberts – Them Kids

The high priests are callingAll disciples back in the foldBecause the kids don’t knowhow to dance to rock and roll.

Like Love Game before, the video spoofs The Sims (The Burbs here) this time with a musical thematic rather than going on sex and relationships.
Sam Roberts is a Canadian rock singer and songwriter. His 2002 debut [...]

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Blockbuster: Christmas Dinner

Luke, I’m your father!

Everything in this commercial, dialogues, costumes, props and characters, everything is a reference to some well known movie.
The spot has been directed by Jeff Labbe at Spy Films. Creative agency: DDB Canada.
Here’s the complete reference list.
Tutto in questo spot, dialoghi, costumi, oggetti di scena e personaggi, è una citazione da un qualche [...]

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Into a deep dark world we fall,so dark that we can’t see at all…

Darkness and light conjure a claustrophobic metaphore of our existence in Ori Ben-Shabat’s latest piece called BOXeD.
Voice over (and more) by Mike Tate. Produced at Spy Films.
Luce ed oscurità evocano una claustrofobica metafora della nostra esistenza nell’ultimo di Ori Ben-Shabat, intitolato BOXeD.
Doppiaggio [...]

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Snickers: Rugby


With the help of an energetic snack, some heavy armored monsters are playing rugby in a airplane graveyard.
The spot was directed by Alex & Steffen at Spy Films. Post production: Unexpected. Creative agency: BBDO Moscow.
Con l’aiuto di uno snack energetico, dei mostri bardati di tutto punto giocano a rugby nel cimitero degli aeroplani.
Lo spot was [...]

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