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Tails of the Fat Cat

That’s not a very happy ending for music

Oh, these felines are insatiable. I know of a cat that would gladly make a law to make cat food of all the food available, if he just happened to be hungry enough.
The spec spot for National Association of Broadcasters‘ campaign against Performance Tax for radio stations was [...]

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Zurich: Meteorite

It could happen to you. It could happen to me. But it probably don’t.Even tho’ shit happens, one way or the other.

Here’s another one in a series of spec spots directed by Francesco Calabrese at Souljacker Films. Just posted: Alien.

Director of photography: Beppe Gallo. Visual effects: Fabrizio Bonaga.

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Zurich: Alien

The truth is up above. So, just keep your eyes on the floor…

Spec spot directed by Francesco Calabrese. Director of photography: Beppe Gallo. Visual effects: Fabrizio Bonaga.

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Creation Begins

Adam eats Eve.

The video has been directed by Adam Witten at Re:Birth as a spec spot for a major hardware manufacturer which then asked his brand to be removed from it.

Director of Photography: Derek McKane. Editor: Justin Quagliata. Music: Born Ruffians.

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Exploit Yourself

By yourself, you couldn’t catch a limping snail!

“Exploit Yourself talks about pushing your limits just for the sake of it. Who said life at the city was placid?”
The fictious Nike commercial has been directed by Carl Erik Rinsch. Animation and visual effects by Big Lazy Robot.
The song is The Big Gundown by The Prodigy, cover [...]

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Levis: Junk Truck

Director Paul Schneider (at A Very Small Office) gives moving help to Elvis. Not that Elvis. Unless he’s still alive.
Il regista Paul Schneider (di A Very Small Office) aiuta Elvis a traslocare. Non Elvis, quello lì. A meno che sia ancora vivo.

via ventilate

DOWNLOAD (HI RES): Scarica Junk Truck.[Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 9 MB - Running [...]

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Zune: Paint

Warning: uhm, well, uh… Warning, just warning.

Confessions of a crap artist…
The spec commercial is the work of directing duo Sibling Rivalry TV. Producers: Alex Ferry, Alex Smith.
Director of Photography: Blair Madigan. Assistant Camera: David Solorzano. Editor: Nick Passick.
Music: Digitalism by Pogo, remixed by Shinichi Osawa.
Confessioni di un artista di merda…
Il finto spot è opera del [...]

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Smirnoff Black: Matrioska Invaders

Do you know what you get when you mix vodka and Milan? A genius calling the new U.S.A. president suntanned.
Matrioska Invaders is a spec spot (non official work) by Gianfranco Gaioni AKA Director Kobayashi.
He “did a manga restyling to the classic matrioskas’ look to make them original and cool. All the dolls and the [...]

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