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Hey Boys, Hey Gals!

Wow, so much spam accumulated in 10 days that the “Empty Spam” procedure has timed out.

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Annabell Lee: Post Updated

The short film The Fable of Annabell Lee by Fashionbuddha Studio is now available in HD. Broken links have been removed. Quote added.

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Opening Comments

I’m going to stay a couple of days away. Since Akismet seems to do his work quite well, I’m going to open the comments, so that your thoughts will be published immediately, if they pass the Akismet filter.

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Spam! Lovely Spam!

Argh! While deleting spam, I’ve mistakenly deleted a legitimate comment by Jacob Corn. Sorry about that. I’ve installed the Akismet plugin which, in the long run, will take care this never to happen again.

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