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In the dark interstices between our memories and our feelings, obscure fantasies and fears creep and grow, parasites of our wild imagination.

Between is a short film by Tim Bollinger. Director of photography: Daniel Meinl. Sound Design: Michael Fakesch. Cast: Robert Schwartz, Ulla Stotz, Leo Stotz, Linus Lomenick.

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ADAM WITTEN – And the Walls Came Down

Side are most the same than they are different, and in the end they must share the same fate. A raid in 2 parts.

A short film by Adam Witten, produced at Re:Birth Films, which uses the structure of the fugue to build a parallel into two story lines.

Written by: Martin Leicht. Producer: Justin Havlik. Director of Photography: Derek McKane. Editor: Justin Quagliata.

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The Head

The Head is an animated phantasmagoria that reminds the golden era of hand drawn animation without being a direct homage to that style, but rather pursuing a style of its own.

The film is the work of Matias Vigliano AKA Parquerama and Dante Zaballa AKA Podoboo. Sound design: Ariel Gandolfo AKA Nicholas van Orton.

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“Nuit Blanche explores a fleeting moment between two strangers, revealing their brief connection in a hyper real fantasy.”

The amazing short film has been directed by Arev Manoukian, who also was editor, director of photography as well as producer with Stephanie Swedlove.

Actors: Michael Coughlan and Megan Lindley. Visual effects: Marc-André Gray. Music: Samuel Bisson.

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Bric à Brac

The tragicomic story of two automata made up (as well as every other thing around them) of spare parts. They seem to enjoy experimenting with the musical capabilities of their bodies…

The short animated film is the work of Emeline Degand and Maud Bourotte, two students at the EESA (now École Georges Méliès).

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Switch, is a methaphysical thought about time. It’s the destiny of humanity through a character and its different choices, materialized by doubles of himself.

A short animated film by Jean-Julien Pous and Pierre Prinzbach, their graduation film at Supinfocom.

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Here’s the cycle of life, according to Nigel Upchurch. The song is Cha Cha by the Heliocentrics

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Cinnamon Chasers – Luv Deluxe

In a wicked world, living or dying is just a matter of point of views.

Luv Deluxe is a single from disco house band Cinnamon Chasers from London, United Kingdom.

The music video has been directed by Saman Keshavarz. Director of Photography: Justin Gurnari.

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The Summerlad – City of Noise

“Referencing Magritte, Alice in Wonderland and surrealism in general,” the video follows “a man as he competes against different realities of himself for a magic treasure chest.”

City of Noise, by Canadian band The Summerlad, is originally a 40 minute, mostly instrumental, piece, composed in 2005 and released with this shorter single version in 2007.

The video, starring Trevor Campbell, has been directed and edited by Mitch Barany.

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FILIPPO BARBIERI – Infinite Self Portrait (x2)

Grasping at the immutable self.
∞-Self-Portrait is a short video produced at ilOYOli LAb for Roma Europa Web Factory.
Images and music by Filippo Barbieri. Music box melody by Federico Bruno.
Alla ricerca del sé immutabile.
∞-Self-Portrait è un video prodotto presso ilOYOli LAb per Roma Europa WebFactory.
Immagini e musica di Filippo Barbieri. Melodia del carillon: Federico Bruno.

© [...]

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Art Spiegelman`s Be a Nose: Promo

A rare glimpse into the secret scribblings of an American original.

What’s in the head of a comics author? And what’s in the head of his characters? Does the author know it? And what’s in my head, bu the way?
Art Spiegelman is an American comics artist, best known for his Pulitzer Prize winning graphic novel memoir, [...]

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Music is: Time Travel

1.21 gigawatts?

“Every song takes us back to a specific moment.”
Directed by Nanospore (Paul Hwang and Ben Lee) and produced at Blacklist. Creative agency: The Brooklyn Brothers.
Music composed and performed by Rahzel, and produced at Amber Music.
“Ogni canzone ci porta indietro ad un preciso istante.”
Diretto da Nanospore (Paul Hwang e Ben Lee) e prodotto presso Blacklist. [...]

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HD Video available in the underneath links.

“The work represents the intertwining life cycle of a ten dollar bill and a male. The bill returns to the male at different stages of his life to show how he reacts to money.”
A short created by Gera Frascaroli for his Masters in Digital Media. Actors: Michael Wilson, Otis [...]

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ANDY HUANG – The Gloaming

HD Video available in the underneath links.

Don’t worry, it was just a dream. Soon you’re going to wake up, back to your boring life and your shitty job.
“A tale of macabre absurdity, The Gloaming plunges this unwitting protagonist (Randall Rickert) into a cycle of nightmares.”
A nightmarish short movie directed by Andrew Thomas Huang at School [...]

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Woodhands – I Wasn`t Made for Fighting

I wanna do it one more time

Adventures in spacetime…
The Woodhands are Dan Werb, Paul Banwatt and Roger Leavens. I Wasnt Made for Fighting is featured on Heart Attack.
The music video has been designed and directed by Asif Mian and produced by Rich Hutchins at Spy Films. Art director: Danny Kelley.
Post produced at Evaq. Edited by [...]

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